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The Most Powerful Words In Marketing

The words you use to communicate with your customers are very important. Copy writing is all about hitting your prospects hot buttons and getting them to take action. There are certain words which when used correctly virtually guarantee you a great response rate. I’ve listed a number of these copy writing “power words”. Use them in your brochures, web sites or sales letters and see the impact they have on your marketing.

Prospect Follow Up Equals Great Customer Service

Do you have a list of people sitting on your desk who you need to follow up with… but keep putting it off? In my experience, it’s usually due to fear – you don’t want to be rejected or be told no, or get that sinking feeling when someone says they don’t want to work with you.

Mobile Marketing – Creative, Relevant and Effective

Mobile marketing is an extremely effective channel for advertising and businesses will be using it more and more. So get on board, save some cash and have interactive fun!

100% Free Internet Marketing Business

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Marketing Mistakes Most Haunted Houses Make

When it comes to advertising or marketing a haunted house, there are effective ways of using each medium and ineffective ways of using each medium as well. It’s not the medium itself that is effective or in-effective, it’s often the person using it and the way they used it. Lets take a look at some of the pitfalls that some have fallen into and how to avoid bad choices.

5 Best Cold Calling Tips Ever

I once asked a training class to describe how they felt when I said the words, “cold calling.” I got the typical answers, “scary,” “hate it,” “don’t do it,” “necessary evil.” But interesting enough there were a couple of entrepreneurs in the room who had a different take on cold calling. Their answers were, “possibilities,” “helping others,” “opportunity to make things happen.”

The Best Form of Marketing for Pressure Cleaning Companies

What is the best form of marketing or advertising for pressure cleaning contractors today. With all the different types of marketing available it is hard to know for sure what is the best road to take.

Change Leads Into Sales

Jason Rudland had very good points in his webinar about increasing leads and sales. He laid out a few steps that businesses can follow to help them gain more leads.

The Wonders of Business Card Print and Design

  Glossy, Silk or Spot UV finishes for your business cards There is so much competition out there in today’s aggressive business world. These days, it seems like almost everyone has a business card and is handing them out to nearly everyone that they meet. Business cards are a very valuable form of advertising for your company but just how are your business cards ever going to stand out from the rest in this competitive market?

How to Make Fancy Work for You

Fancy can definitely work for direct sellers, but it’s essential that you understand the platform first and how to engage with other users so you can really use the site to your advantage. Just wait and see, and Fancy may just be the next big thing in social selling.

Enhancing Marketing Efficiency With Marketing Resource Management

Marketing campaigns greatly depend on Resource Management as the main delivery engine capable of providing transformations to the campaign structure and delivering on an improved marketing efficiency. This article is here to draw a pragmatic discussion on how the Marketing Resource Management model brings unique value.

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