#Shorts: How to Tell If Someone Is a Digital Marketing Expert

Is Your Inner Critic on Your Biz’s Board of Directors? 3 Ways to Tell

Is your Inner Critic residing on your business’s board of directors (aka the place in your head where you make business decisions)? If so, then you’re more likely than not making decisions from a place of weakness rather than strength, which can wreak havoc with your business. Read on to find out if this is the case.

Doing Medical Lead Generation – Some Tips for Safer and Effective Campaigns

There are certain rules and regulations imposed upon telemarketers and telemarketing firms. When you’re doing medical lead generation then you really do not want to be breaching the boundaries that have been set. Read on to learn more.

Marketing Is a Lot Different Today In the Information Age

Most new entrepreneurs think they know a whole lot about marketing, but really they don’t. Oh sure, they might be able to garner lots of friends on Facebook, social networks, or use trickery tactics like SEO strategies to beat out more legitimate companies online, but how much of that can they really convert to sales, aka; hits don’t equal revenue conundrum.

Pub Marketing Using SMS

This article explains why pub marketing has recently become more important, and how to harness the power of mobile technology to get your message across to customers. We look at various marketing methods, from newspaper advertising, flyer drops, posters, and finally SMS marketing.

Thorough Review On Amway and Its Potential for Entrepreneurial Success

Started in 1959 by friends Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, Amway (short for American Way) has become one of the largest and consistently successful multi-level marketing companies both in the US and worldwide, with over $9 billion in sales reported for 2010. Amway Corporation, a direct-selling company, is best known for its household products, in particular its laundry detergent SA8, but has also been successful in its sale of beauty products, water and air purifiers, dietary supplements, jewelry, electronics, cosmetics and insurance. Van Andel and DeVos began originally as direct sales representatives for Nutrilite food…

Direct Response Marketing A Powerful Way To Supercharge Sales and Outperform Institutional Marketing

Most business owners I speak to, either during my Masterclass presentations or when I’m consulting one-on-one, are aware of only one form of marketing – institutional marketing. There are arguments for and against this method of marketing. For the record, I’ll state it has its place – if you’ve got money to burn! So What Is Institutional Marketing?

Market Research Before Launching a PR or Marketing Campaign

Before you launch your public relations, social media, advertising or marketing campaign you want to know who your audience is. And not only do you want to know your target market, you want to know what they think, like and buy.

Increase Car Counts and Get Your Auto Repair Advertising Seen Over 97% of the Time! Here’s How

One of the most frustrating parts of marketing and advertising your auto repair shop services is that (if you’re like most shop owners) you don’t get a response from your ads and you actually wonder if they ever get seen. Now you have a chance to get your ads and offers seen over 97% of the time! That way you can increase your car count, build your business and make more money!

Trying to Increase Car Counts? Use a Mobile Website, But Don’t Make These Mistakes

The world has gone mobile. With over 275 million mobile phones in use in the United States alone and 1 in every 3 searches being completed from a mobile device, if you don’t have a mobile website, you’re probably not very serious about doing business. But before you set up that mobile site, be sure you don’t make these common mistakes.

Trying to Increase Car Counts? Here’s the Best Mobile Marketing Strategy for an Auto Service Shop

Mobile Marketing or Text Message Marketing has rapidly grown in popularity with smart business owners who realize that they can put their marketing messages right in the palm of their customers and prospects hands. But there’s more to it than just blasting out text messages.

Marketing Strategy Plan: How To Design A Proven SWOT Analysis With Powerful Impact

Most of the time, having a SWOT analysis enables you to significantly minimize the direct effect of your weaknesses to the opportunities that may be present for your business. This also allows you to maximize your strengths and create advanced strategies for known threats that may negatively impact your marketing.

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