#Shorts: The Key to Build a Subscription Based Business

Analyzing the RFM Migration Model

The RFM Migration Model (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) is an important tool that helps you identify defection tendencies in various client cohorts and launch marketing countermeasures that will bring these clients back. This is, after all, one of the cornerstones of marketing: increasing client retention.

Direct Selling Companies – A Flexible Way To Earn High Income

Will all the demands of today’s fast-paced, information rich, society, many people want a flexible work routine that helps us meet all our responsibilities. But it’s not easy finding that balance.

Business Cards – How It All Started

As a means of marketing, business cards are often underrated. But this ignores the fact that they actually started out as a means of general advertising, and are still an invaluable tool in business to business communication.

Choosing The Right Online Questionnaire Maker

Using an online questionnaire is a great way to survey a wide variety of demographics. It is also very easy to spread this questionnaire, for instance by using social media like Facebook and Twitter, or via email.

Why Is There No Urgency About Engagement? Five Problem Areas to Address

We find it curious that for all the effort and expenditure that goes into employee health behavior change initiatives, the element of urgency to improve engagement is just not there. Maybe it’s because our main focus is on engagement strategy that we see so many engagement problem “nails” for us to smash with our engagement solutions “hammer.”

Selecting the Appropriate Target Audience for Your Online Questionnaire

One of the hardest things about using an online questionnaire, or any questionnaire for that matter, is ensuring you have the right target audience. Sociology students and statisticians concern themselves with this on a daily basis. There are a few rules to follow to make sure the results you obtain through the online questionnaire are actually valid and useful, which starts by understanding what you intend to monitor.

Do You Suck at Sales and Marketing? Here’s How Not to Get Bitten in the Butt!

“Let’s face it. You’re brilliant at what you do, but you SUCK at marketing,” said my business mentor when we first started working together. “You’re going to need to fall in love with it.” That’s where my journey into sales began. Read on to find how I managed to not get bitten in the butt!

Using Business Cards As A Marketing Tool

Business cards can be a great way of promoting both a person and the business they represent. The trouble is with so many people giving them out, it’s only the ones that stand out from the crowd that really have an impact.

How to Maximise Response Rates for Your Online Questionnaire

Through an online questionnaire, you should be able to measure a certain set of data that you are interested in. You must firstly decide who you want to question. This could be, for instance, an audience within an organisation, like a team or all senior managers.

5 Ways to Avoid Slotting and Still Sell the Trade

How can small and midsized food manufacturers achieve significant new product distribution and sales — without paying slotting allowances? Here are 5 different (and proven) techniques for avoiding costly slotting fees.

Mastering The Art of Engagement – Why Authenticity Is The New Currency in Business Today

Are you tired of people’s eyes glazing over when you tell them what you do? Do you feel like the teacher from Charlie Brown, like the words are coming out of your mouth but all people hear is wa wa wah wah wah? Face it if you’re not standing out amongst the crowd you’re just another boring sales pitch. How to Connect More Authentically with Your Clients and Why it Crucial To Your Success…

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