#Shorts: Use This Marketing Hack at Least Once a Week

Top 3 Benefits That Come With International Market Research Reports

Business and marketing strategies are constantly developed and updated in order to fully satisfy the customers. Any good businessman knows that is very important to know what the customers want if the business is to pursue success and make profits.

Developing a Marketing Strategy – Part I

Business intuition is great from the perspective of a business owner, but you will need all of the facts to help define the business goals and objectives in order to develop successful small business marketing strategies. Let’s first define the words marketing and strategy.

Leverage the Potentiality of Twitter to Promote Your Events

With so many social media sites coming up throughout the year, it really becomes difficult to ascertain which one to choose in order to promote your events. Although Twitter may not be the most popular social media web platform right now, still its significance and brand value cannot be underestimated. Let’s see how you can use Twitter, the micro-blogging site, to spread awareness about your events and activities.

The Art of the Business Gift List

Giving business gifts that promote your brand has been a custom in the American marketplace for many years. A carefully assembled gift list is a great help in the choice of gifts offered to business associates as tokens of respect. Business owners appreciate the added value that promo gift-giving brings to their company, and recipients love receiving a unique, personal gift that suits their interests and lifestyle.

How to Create Your Own Inner Circle

By creating a culture for the greater good in working with people you can have the best relationships in your business. It’s nice when people appreciate what you do for them.

Avoid These Common Sins in Setting Business Appointments

What are the most common mistakes or ‘sins’ typical sales people commit? Read on to find out and learn how to avoid them.

Top Media Agencies Have Adapted to the Digital World

Technological progressions have altered the methods companies use to get things accomplished from all types of businesses, as well as top media agencies. Well-known companies are going with fresher, livelier agencies created by digital natives, and frontrunners in the arena. These agencies are revolutionizing the best practices and creating new methods to organize communications, trigger customers and measure the results.

Media Buying and Planning Is Key to the Success of Your Marketing Campaigns

Businesses are now spending their funds carefully. The budgets for advertising are being cut and the managers of marketing must use less money. A competent media buying and planning service will increase marketing presentation and decrease costs.

173 Ways To Get More Clients

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “What is the one thing I can do to get more clients?” Actually, I can do a lot better than that… here’s 173 marketing tips you can do right away.

Networking and Your Marketing Plan

Networking is one of the best components to any marketing plan. However, networking requires ACTIVITY. Once you have the right philosophies in place the next component is ENGAGING IN THE RIGHT ACTIVITIES. These include attending networking events, following up with people in a meaningful way, not just going through the motions, and, finding a way to be of value in other people’s lives without necessarily selling them immediately on your product or service.

Trade Show Participation and Pop Up Displays: Tidbits

If you are looking for business to business buyers, then introduce your firm’s services and products to potential clients through industry trade shows. Trade shows are annual or semi-annual business affairs that draw industry sellers together with industry buyers. Retail customers also often attend these places to browse the market and place buying orders for chosen products or services with the manufacturers and wholesalers.

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