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Make Your Product Distribution Effective

When it comes to marketing cycle after production, fixing of price and promotion of an item, product distribution is one of the important elements. New products distributors are responsible for ensuring that from the manufacturing place, the items reach the hands of the intended end users.

Do Fake Online Reviews Hurt Internet Marketing Agencies?

Late last month, the New York Attorney General’s office announced the findings of an investigation it conducted into the business of creating fallacious online reviews for various businesses. Although it isn’t a ubiquitous practice for Internet marketing firms, some companies did perform these tasks.

Study Finds Strong Majority of Content Marketers Use Social Media Sharing

A research study conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, and sponsored by Skyword titled “Content Marketing Gets Social: 2013 Survey on Content Marketing Trends” found that a strong majority of content marketers are using social media outlets to share their information. The report states that nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of content marketers publish their content to their websites and then promote it on their social networks. Surprisingly, close to one-quarter (21 percent) did not utilize the powerful tool of social media; while a mere eight percent were unsure.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Media Buying But Are Too Afraid to Ask

In the United States, the advertising industry is fierce, at least according to the numbers. Take for instance the fact that the advertising agency annual revenue is close to $50 billion, while the approximate total number of those working in the industry accounts to nearly half a million. Budgets have indeed changed since the turn of the 20th century.

The Greatest Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct marketing is quite simply the most effective marketing method out there, especially when selling to existing customers. Yet most small businesses ignore it altogether. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

A Key Statistic That You Must Track in Your Business

As a business owner you are often advised, whether it be by your accountant, peers or a coach that it is critical to track and measure KPI’s. Many of these suggested KPI’s will be financially based to track sales, costs or profits but there are several other key statistics you cannot afford not to monitor and know, as they will directly and indirectly have an impact on the financial health of your business.

The Scientific Marketing Method

As marketers… We wear two hats. We put on our creative hats when we are in the product development stage, when devising a marketing campaign, and when we are getting our messaging just right for the ideal customer.

The Marketing Future

Marketing is one of the most dynamic aspects of being in business. Social media has grown at an exponential rate with new platforms constantly being created and with it new methods and means of marketing. 24 percent of time spent on the internet in Australia is now dedicated to social media networks. Additionally, with half of all Australians now owning a smartphone, many spend up to 12 hours per week accessing the internet using mobile devices. Social media has become a form of constant communication, a way we talk to each other and touch base with each other’s lives.

The Key to Relationship Marketing

In a world where we are ‘marketed’ to nearly every minute of everyday, what makes one brand, company or product stand out above its competition? Think about your recent purchases. Where did you research? Who did you talk to? We live in a global environment that is constantly on, rarely far away from a mobile or internet device. Your customers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on their relationships with friends, family members and companies they trust rather than what they are being sold.

Three Ways to Generate Quick Revenue With Easy Opportunities

Looking for quick ways to build business and bring in extra cash? Once you get your practice rolling, one of the easiest ways to do this is to look for opportunities that I call, “Money on the Table”. I don’t mean to highlight what you haven’t done. Yet, sometimes, the places where you haven’t followed up offer the strongest opportunities to earn income quickly and build business.

The Best Reason NOT To Exhibit Your Company At A Trade Show Right Now

Question: We’re trying to determine if trade shows are worth attending as an exhibitor. Can you give our company any input? Answer: Obviously, if you’ve never attended a trade show as an exhibitor with your company, it can only be determined by attending one. My experience, though, has been that if done the right way, they can be immensely profitable over the long haul.

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