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How to Make a Wedding Show Booth Successful

Before you print out that show badge make sure you plan, plan and then plan some more. Set proper expectations for the event, including training for staff, review messaging, and do your research on the other exhibitors prior to arriving. Details matter!

How to Budget for a Trade Show Booth and Its Graphics

Question: We’re budgeting for a trade show coming up in November, and we’d like to know what percentage of our trade show budget should be spent on the trade show booth and graphics, exclusive of collateral materials. Answer: This is a good question, and one which I think is answered best by those who study the cost of the various items that comprise a company’s trade show budget on the average. There is a presentation available that provides some average costs for attending a trade show on the average, so you can get an idea of what you’ll be spending on items such as travel, hotel, meals and entertainment, shipping, booth space, convention services, and your booth cost. Let me just reflect the budgeting based on that presentation and share what I’ve learned to you.

Clinical Research In India – Will It Survive

The Indian Clinical Research Industry is going through a tough phase. Business in the industry is competitive because of a price war and a very stringent regulatory environment. The market was expected to reach a $ 1 billion in 2010 with a predicted growth rate of 15-20% but because of the prevailing recession and above mentioned factors, the market has yet to reach a size of $800 million in the year 2012-2013. The Industry desperately needs a growth booster. Experts of the industry also need to change the way they think about moving forward.

Do I Have to Use Hype in Marketing My Business?

Many of my clients say to me, marketing just feels so unnatural to me, so much like hype. Do I really have to do that to get people to learn about my products and services?

Marketing: It’s All About Communication

Most businesses have a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this is often focused on attracting new customers and businesses totally overlook the clients they already have. Shouldn’t you develop a marketing strategy for them too? When you think about it, this has to be a better plan, because you’re dealing with individuals who already understand what your business is all about.

How To Get Marketing Results

Certain actions done right will allow you to get results when marketing. There are however certain actions that done wrong will make you waste you time. Wrong actions will result in your staffing business never getting a single contract. This article helps you get focused when marketing your staffing agency.

Do You Have Staying Power?

This is the question that your potential clients are asking when deciding if they will work with you or not. You’ve heard the saying that actions speak louder than words.

Why Your Company Needs A Monthly Newsletter

Every company needs a great monthly newsletter. Why? Well, customers like to know what you’re up to as well as news about your industry, employees, ventures, products, and more. Plus, newsletters are a personal and fun way to market to your prospects or existing clients.

How To Promote Your Products Effectively

Using promotional items to market your product can be very effective if done right. Choose those items that are relevant to your business and essential to your customers.

3 Custom Promotional Items for Everyday Use

Do you know the benefits of handing out promotional items and products? Do you want to turn their potential into actual benefits for your business? If your answer is “yes” in any or all of these questions, then please read on. In here we’ll be discussing the main benefits of handing out custom promotional items, which in turn, can help bring your business to even greater heights.

The Simple Reason Customers Don’t Understand You

When customers fail to understand or get confused about what a business can offer, managers typically blame those customers for their perceived ignorance. But the real problem can be found in a mirror. Here’s why.

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