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Four Simple Steps to Extend a Successful Group Program

If you have been ramping up to provide a group program and have success with gathering a good group, you might be wondering what the next step is. How can you leverage success with a group and extend working with them?

4 Things to Do When Sales Slow Down

When sales slow down, don’t automatically do more lead generation. My 4 step guide to lead generation strategy will help get the basics right and start to deliver quality, not quantity, sales leads.

Customized Drawstring Bags – A Promo for People of All Ages

Customized drawstring bags are ideal for promotional giveaways and for tradeshows. You can market your business by using promotional products, such as personalized drawstring bags, printed with your logo or company name.

Personalized Stress Balls As Giveaways and Gifts

You can get personalized stress balls for your next tradeshow or promotional giveaway. Stress balls are used for stress relieving, especially at work. You can also give custom printed stress balls out as gifts.

The Opportunity Paradigm in Channel Marketing

Efficient, productive and profitable channel marketing starts with strategy. Channel marketing works best to everyone’s advantage when programs are designed to push out strategic opportunities that are seen as relevant, actionable and locally oriented for maximum lead generation opportunities.

Promotional Pens As Giveaways for Hotels, Cruise Lines and Hospitality Industry

Discover marketing possibilities with innovative promotional pens. Create an effective advertising campaign and reach customers across the plane.

Reasons to Attend a Sales and Marketing Seminar

There are a wide variety of ways to improve performance in different aspects of the sales and marketing game, and anyone who plans on making it big in a competitive economy will likely be interested in learning how to do better. This is one of the primary reasons why people like to attend seminars, because it is so easy to absorb information than when you are reading a book. There are a lot of different seminars out there that you could attend, and chances are you would be quite happy with all of the things you could learn as a…

Marketing Lesson

I will tell you a story that will help you understand the power of marketing done the right way. The thing is this, the lesson learned can be applied by both offline and online business owners all over the world. Although the story being told happened in the US, the key marketing principle being demonstrated apply to anyone involved in marketing.

Win Lifelong Customers

The chaos of running a small business can make it hard to win lifelong customers, especially since most us of spend more time and money on acquiring new customers than on keeping existing ones happy. Winning a lifelong customer requires an ability to not only get a prospect to buy again and again, but to do so happily. The benefits go far beyond inspiring loyalty and repeat business; happy customers become advocates for your brand and drive referrals by sharing their experience with friends.

What Kind of File Is That and What Does It Do?

Dawning with the age of the personal computer in 1984 to the late 1990s, the predominant people who worked with image and design file types were graphic designers and the marketing, advertising and other creative functions they worked with. Today, as corporations outsource a lot of the creative function, and with the explosion of small businesses who utilize the expertise, creativity and cost-effectiveness of design and marketing firms, you may be working directly at the front line with an outside creative consultant instead of in the background where you only see the close-to-finished product.

Product Managers Need To Learn How To Offer Customers A Next Best Offer

In a perfect world, starting with the product development definition, product managers would be able to target their customers with the perfectly customized offer at exactly the right time across the right set of channels. Does this perfect world exist?

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