Taking Risks are Practical, here’s why:

How to Take a Stand for Your Clients

This week I want to talk to you about what it means to take a stand for your prospects, your clients and your customers.Taking a stand means to publicly express an opinion about something-even if it’s not very popular. Think of it as putting out a manifesto or getting up on your soapbox and telling the world what you think about the situation at hand.

Tips for Creating Campaign Slogans in Creating Your Brand

There are many marketing concepts and principles to consider when building an international brand. Most real world marketing concepts are learned through experience and hard studying. It is easy to decipher whether a practitioner has a sound understanding of marketing based on the language that they use.

Why Traditional B2B Marketing Strategies Fail to Deliver Sales Leads

The traditional B2B marketing strategies employed by many businesses to find new B2B customers are outdated and no longer deliver results. What is required today is a marketing strategy based on valuable content delivered to strategically important customers. Only the latest B2B marketing and sales tactics will deliver results

Ninja Marketing Tips for Creating Your 2013 Plan

At the beginning of each year many businesses spend some time thinking about their goals for the coming year. And while setting goals is an important exercise, the implementation steps are equally critical.

Social Media Services

Social media services are all about getting more social exposure for your business, website and to help you grow your business and give you more brand awareness. Of course social media services can be done by you, but if you’re in business, you may be wise to hire a service to do it for you, to avoid the tediousness and large volume of work required to get the strongest possible results.

10 Tips for Effective Competitive Intelligence Gathering

Competitive intelligence gathering can be a useful exercise that yields important information to guide your business and marketing strategy, or it can sit in a computer file and collect the equivalent of electronic dust if you’re not careful. While a competitive intelligence project can bring out your inner spy, it can also lead to confusion, misinterpretation of data, and faulty strategy-setting. Worse still, it can lead to something I call the “me too” syndrome in which you end up pushing your business into a model that’s a poor imitation of a competitor rather than an authentic and rich representation of… how…

Why The Referral System Is Valuable For Your Business?

The “word of mouth” marketing method is considered to be the most efficient and successful way to get new customers. The method is called referral system and practically costs nothing if you can make use of it.

Things That You Should Know About Audio Marketing Equipment

If you have a business, you need to have strategies or tools so that people will patronize your products, right? May it be a small or big business, you have to be aware of these marketing tools that can help you expand and make your business stand out among the rest and keep your customers coming back. Yes, having a business is surely a gamble and if you don’t want to gamble, then the business world is not right for you.

Bag The Top Sales With Printed Shopping Bags

If you want your business to thrive in sales, ensure that you have the right advertising medium that can reach out to your target market. Printed shopping bags are one of the items which give that function. They are essential in every purchase a consumer makes. What is more, they may be used for varied purposes in accordance to their materials. In fact, carrying them is now considered as a fashion statement since varied green movements promote their use.

Creating Trust Through Word of Mouth

When meeting a contact for the first time, within the first few seconds, you plant a relationship seed which can either flourish or fail. It’s all about building trust when working on a relationship.

Five Landing Page Strategies So You Convert Leads Like Crazy

Your landing page is the first place prospects see you on the web. So, you want to make sure you grab their attention immediately, to keep them reading rather than clicking away to the next site.

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