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How to Play an Active Role in Attracting More Clients (And Transform Your Business Life!)

Recently, I’ve connected with an amazing woman who wants to start her own business. Her story was incredibly inspiring; I was on enraptured as I listened to her. It turns out that she went through a pretty rough patch in her life and now wishes to dedicate her life to helping other women like her.

Is Your Customer Service Team Letting Down Your Marketing Efforts?

Organizations sometimes forget to understand that each of their departments are not autonomous units and instead need to function together like cogs in a wheel for the success of the business. Take marketing and customer services, for instance – these two departments often tend to work independently of each other, but in reality customer services should ideally fall under the overall marketing umbrella. Some marketing experts in fact refer to customer service as the new marketing itself.

Is Your Sales Team Ruining Your Marketing Leads?

If an organization is dependent on their sales force to bring in revenue, they need to ensure that the team is comprised of individuals with the potential to be trained to get the job done. Sadly, too many potential leads die within moments due to ill-­equipped sales teams who tend to say the wrong thing due to bad or no proper training. Sales training needs to cover adding value and building rapport with a lead in an attempt to bring it closer to the point of sale.

The Shift From Traditional to Content Marketing

What kind of marketer are you? Have you made the shift from a traditional marketing focus with planned campaigns to content based marketing? Have you considered it? Are you already there?

Why Product Managers Need Checklists In Order To Be Successful

Let’s face it, being a product manager means that there are a lot of different things that you are responsible for accomplishing. Many of these things are very small details, a few are medium sized tasks, and just a couple may be very large. However, if you “drop the ball” on any of the things that have to be done you may put the success of your product at risk. How can a product manager become perfect and never forget to do everything that has to be done?

How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help You?

Digital marketing companies understand the uniqueness of your business process and their marketing professionals are the best when it comes to understanding the nuances of technology and building strategies that will make your business stay ahead. Some of the common digital marketing services these agencies can provide you are: Search engine optimization – Expert SEO services from digital marketing agencies will increase the visibility of your product in internet searches. By following Google’s search algorithm closely, their experts give you targeted audience by leading them to your site website.

So, What Is Loyalty Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

Rewards, Points, Cashback, Punch Cards, BOGOs… But have we forgotten the basics of true loyalty? Big Box Brands have the high tech solutions and expensive CRM for customer engagement, but does the small business owner still have an edge by simply getting to know its loyal customer?

Boost Your Business With Rubber Wrist Bands

Rubber wrist bands can be used as great means to promote your business. You can use them as giveaways to boost your business and its products. The bands come in distinct sizes and people of all age groups can support them.

QLIKVIEW SOFTWARE – Taking Your Business to a Whole New Level

Qlikview is another class of business Intelligence, the world’s quickest developing BI programming (IDC). It is an approach that conveys very intuitive and graphical investigation that anybody can utilize, while delivering value fast. With Qlikview you can cooperate and offer data and investigation effectively. Merely co-create with in-context, cooperative workspaces by firing up a period cooperative session with others to share what you’re staring at, modify the read along and create selections on the fly.

How To Beat a Bigger Competitor

Bigger competitors have more customers, more money and more recognition. But they also can have more stakeholders, more legacy and more complacency. Here’s how to beat them.

Getting Comparative: Going for Your Competitor’s Jugular

Comparative marketing strategies, where you compare your product against competitors, can be risky but also very powerful in the right circumstances. If you have a genuine and measurable advantage over your opposition, you might have a lot to gain by considering it.

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