“Technology always wins” πŸ˜‚

Commercial Contractors: Marketing Yourself Is Key

The industry of commercial contracting relies mostly on new clients or jobs to gain income. Thus, it is highly crucial for them to embark on marketing themselves. Commercial contractor marketing strategies include personal marketing to other businesses or cooperate and use of the internet.

Your New Word of Mouth Marketing Plan

Word of mouth marketing is when your efforts are put into empowering your consumers to tell other consumers about you. This can come in many forms such as a viral video that is shared by your consumers, to an online community where your consumers share their interests, content and information.

Rules of Interfacing With Government Personnel That You Don’t Want to Break at Any Cost

The do’s and don’ts on marketing with government personnel. How not to discriminate other government employees and how to properly interact with them so you do not lose customer relationships.

Lead Nurturing and the Sales Funnel

When it comes to running a successful business, it is all about making sure you have a solid sales funnel that brings in consistent customers who are loyal to your brand and spread the word of their experience to their own networks. However, before you can capture a bunch of strong leads to turn into customers, you need to first understand the metrics of lead nurturing.

How Text Reminders Can Help Your Business

This article demonstrates how text reminders can help your business and your customers. Thanks to online text reminder services it’s now easy and affordable to start using SMS technology in your business.

How to Successfully Advertise Your Company in This Tough Economy

There is a saying that without advertising, nothing happens. If you own and operate a business, I’m sure that you can appreciate the truth of that statement. Of course, the type of advertising and promotion that you do for your business is going to differ, depending upon the particulars of your business and your budget.

Top of the Funnel Offers for Lead Generation

Top of the Funnel Offers – As content marketing and other forms of inbound marketing continue to grow at a rapid pace, marketers need to understand that all facets of a sales funnel still count in their strategies, not just the bottom of the funnel when the user is finally ready to become a loyal customer. However, more and more businesses are focusing their content, services, and marketing in an effort to drive the “buy” action and not as much making sure to maximize incoming lead volume at the top of the funnel.

Pinterest for Business

Social media has changed the way businesses approach marketing. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter brand pages have allowed your company to have almost real time interactions with your customers and clients.

3 Ways to Encourage Referrals to Your Spa or Salon

A solid referral campaign is the most powerful – and least expensive – marketing tool you have at your disposal. An analysis of 500 salons showed that less than 3% have a defined referral program yet 80% of salon owners say they get most of their clients by referral.

What Suits Can Teach Us About Markets

The mass standardization of products favors the advance of a frenetic intemperance in economy. Standardized goods lead to the standardized masses. It destroys the human element that gives warmth, life and meaning to the economy..

The Importance of Online Networking!

The emergence and rapid growth of social media platforms on the web often appears to have taken a lot of the leg-work out of networking. However, as social media has grown in importance, so too has the importance of increasing your online presence.

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