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Improving Your Telemarketing Representative’s Performance

You know that you need to improve the performance of your lead generation team. That is why you have to be clear in your quality control as well as your training of lagging personnel. This is more apparent when telemarketing is used.

B2B Marketing – 7 Rules to Follow

B2B marketing is paramount if you want to increase your revenue. The old boy or girl network is one thing and if you don’t follow some basic steps you will not create the business or life style you desire. Here are 7 easy rules to follow for any business owner wanting to sell to another.

How to Use Branded Merchandise to Increase Sales

The use of promotional products to heighten brand awareness is a well known and indisputable marketing technique, but scepticism is often directed towards the capability of firmly increasing sales through such strategies. However, with a firm strategy in place, an increase in business is highly possible and quantifiable.

Personalized Magnets For Business Use

Personalized magnets can be a powerful sales tool. Large and small businesses alike can benefit by placing a brand, slogan and logo on a magnet. These small, inexpensive tools can give a large boost to business.

Commercial Video Production: Basic Pointers When Handling The Job

In the realm of online business, a commercial video production is a surefire way to hasten reaching a global audience. As long as you know how to make a catchy and substantive video, you can definitely thrive the stiff competition. Since there are now a lot of write-ups talking about how to create a marketing video, let us just have a random list of the most basic things you shouldn’t forget. They can come in handy whether you’re asking someone to create a video for you or you’re making it yourself.

‘Outside In’ Marketing

This article looks at how to improve your perception of marketing. Making you understand how outsiders see and interpret your campaigns.

Social Media Powerful Tools for Business

There are many well-known social-networking tools most. Most have no idea to market their small businesses on them, let alone the many other online tools to be successful. While social media along with mobile apps are a great way to get your advertisements out there you need to be aware of how they work and the tools to track them. You spend all this work on preparing and posting your media. How do you know if it is being shared? Is it really generating income for you?

3 Costly Mistakes When You Want to Build A Strong Sustainable Business (Which Ones Are You Making?)

If your goal is to create a business that lasts in needs to be very different from the here today gone tomorrow businesses that plague many categories. This articles shows you three mistakes that are costing you long term business stability and what to do about them.

Utilizing Today’s Technology for Event Planning

Events are an invaluable tool for marketing. It is undeniable how an event can make or break a brand thus it is very important to learn from the past events and prepare for new ones. Technology has played an important rule in the way events are conducted and more importantly how we document the event user experiences.

Consistency in an Evolving World

A discussion of the role of content in the rapidly changing marketing industry. Content remains the most important facet of a marketing campaign, regardless of the technology used to deliver campaigns.

Purchase Or Renting Of Trade Show Exhibits – Which Is Best?

When businessmen try to get a space in trade shows for displaying their products, they might have the doubt whether to purchase or rent a trade show exhibit. Both these options have their own advantages and disadvantages and the decision can be made depending on the needs of the businessmen. Certain points are to be kept in mind by the businessmen when it comes to deciding whether to purchase them or go for exhibit rentals and they are discussed below: The first and foremost point to be considered is whether the display unit is going to be…

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