The Best Way To Grow Your Business From Small to Big #shorts

Measuring Marketing Success: 10 Metrics That Matter

How do you know if your marketing efforts are producing results? While ROI is important, marketing is a long-term investment.

Ways To Make Your Telemarketing Team Stay

Telemarketing can be really tiring, and it can cause a lot of people to quit. But you can handle that. Read on to learn how to best keep such employees working for you.

Things To Deliver For An Effective Telemarketing Campaign

In all telemarketing campaigns, it is very important to get your message across your prospects. But how will you be able to do that? Read on to learn how to do it.

Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile email marketing is a less expensive way for companies to advertise their services and/or products with potential and existing customers. Before digital marketing was available as an advertising tool, businesses would use direct mail in order to reach individuals about specific services and/or products they offered.

How to REALLY Annoy Your Customers (When You Think You’re Making Them Happy)

Here’s a surefire way to annoy a LOT of customers with your marketing, and it happened to me again last weekend. You get to the checkout.

Marketing Agency Advice for the Disheartened

We often see clients who are frankly totally disheartened with their marketing efforts. They are well aware of the ongoing expenditure and effort, but often unsure as to exactly what they are getting for it.

Do I Need A Website To Get Clients?

Thinking of building a website to attract clients? Find out what you need to do first, before considering a website!

Literature Displays Can Increase Sales for Your Company or Organisation

Literatures stands help to maximize and promote materials that can create better sales and revenue for any company, charity or organisation. Not only do stands help to capitalise on exposure of promotional materials, but they also allow potential customers or customers to take those materials home with them or to their office with them. These materials can serve as reminders for the client or customer so that when they are in the market for that particular product or service, they have the literature readily available and accessible.

Appointment Setting – Always Avoid Being A Burden

Appointment setting can be burdensome both for yourself and your prospects if it’s done too carelessly. Your appointment setter must be considerate while at the same time, you have to set out a proper plan before you start marketing. Don’t also forget to be quick about it so that you can be more convenient by appearing before your prospects ahead of your competitors.

Contact Database – Use Current Events To Check If It Needs Updating

It’s sad that the only time businesses update their contact database is right after a wasteful marketing disaster. You don’t need such a calamity to inform you that your database needs cleaning. Current events are just one of the indicators that could alert you to changes in market behavior.

Lead Generation – How Software Marketing Can Bridge The Knowledge Gap

More people are starting to forget that the role of marketing is to bridge the gaps between a business and its customers. There’s no doubt that the field comes with its own flaws but that’s why you, as a vendor need to collaborate with it. Their lead generation strategies are what you need to reduce information overload and bridge the knowledge gap.

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