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Turning Your Content Into a Word of Mouth Marketing Tool

Generating content that will become your word of mouth marketing tool comes down to how it affects the audience. Does it reach them? Does it interest them? Does it influence them? Always remember to create content that speaks with the audience and generates not only shares but an ongoing conversation that is captivating.

Sharing Is Word of Mouth

Pinterest might be a site dedicated to pictures and photos, but pictures say far more than you can in a single sentence. You need to share the right material with your audience and promote your brand as approachable and something they can relate to. When you do that, your audience will want to share more than just your Pinterest pins.

Want To Make Money From Home – Build A Business Blog

A home based business blog is the key to absolute freedom and limitless income. You read that right: limitless income in slippers. The key to a successful home based business blog is connections and content.

Make Money Blogging – Is It Really Possible?

“How do you make money blogging?” I get that question all the time. The answer is simple: Empower Network.

Obtaining the 4 Small Business Marketing Essentials On Any Budget

It is imperative that every business have the four essential marketing assets: A logo, a business card, a website, and social media presence. However, not every business has the same budget. This article will help small businesses of all sizes and budgets understand how and where to get these essential marketing items produced with excellent quality.

How Lead Generation Marketing Services Help Companies Boost Their Sales

If a company is aiming for big financial success, it must first understand that undergoing some fundamental changes is the basic necessity in order for this company to survive the harsh realities of life in the business world. One of these harsh realities is that it is not the only company that may be promoting a particular product or products and/or services. In other words, competition right now is very stiff. In the past, it may be enjoying huge sales because it’s the only existing company. Today, there might be dozens or even hundreds of companies like them that are also promoting the same products or the same services. In order to hurdle these challenges, it should make some fundamental changes. One of them is utilizing lead generation marketing services.

Why Starting a Paid Membership Site Is a Great Idea and What You Need to Know

If you want to earn a consistent stream of cash online, you should start a paid membership or subscription site. These specialized sites guarantee you a constant cash flow, month after month and all through the year. Pay to access sites are not affiliate programs where you earn commissions for every sale.

The No 1 Secret to Successful Social Media

It seems like 2012 was the year of Social Media. Not only did we have even more new players, but there appeared to be more pressure than ever for businesses to get on the bandwagon of posting and tweeting to their market. And just when it seemed the business owner managed to get his or her Twitter and Facebook accounts, Pinterest and even a ton more interest in Google+ showed up on their radar.

Three Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Generating Leads or Sales

Today, most businesses still have an old-school website designed to highlight who you are and what you sell. Unfortunately, this is no longer how websites work. With the advent of social media, the internet has changed. People don’t simply use it as a business directory, and they are certainly not interested in learning about you. Today, the internet is used by the masses to connect socially and to gain valuable information. I have heard many small business owners talk about how they no longer need a website because their website is not working. This is a very dangerous assumption. It is like saying that you no longer need your heart because it is not functioning as well as it used to. The problem is not that websites no longer generate leads, it is that your website has fallen into one or more of the three primary issues that plague most websites.

3 Easy Ways To Become The Tall Poppy In An Over Crowded Marketplace

Have you noticed that eating out isn’t what it used to be? Wait staff barely know what’s on the menu, service is lousy, food rarely measures up to the hype?

5 Tips for Writing a Basic Marketing Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan for your business is the best way to keep you moving forward. Here are some easy ways to do that.

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