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Mastering the 80/20 Rule to Increase Your Marketing Performance and Profits

Let’s say you have valued your professional time at $50 per hour. How many tasks do you repeatedly handle that someone else could be paid $10-$15 per hour, for instance, to accomplish? Every hour you are spending on these tasks is time that could be better spent on market research, content creation and strategic planning. It is about making your time as proactive as possible, rather than reactive.

Building Your Business With Community Based Marketing and Loyalty Programs

Community Based Marketing and Loyalty Programs build relationships with customers. They are ideally suited for small businesses and help them learn about their target market.

Effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Event Marketing

Get ideas on how to effectively market your upcoming event–all on your own! Below is a list which can inspire ideas on effective DIY event marketing and increase your audience reach. The key? Spark interest in client’s mind.

Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

Does social media marketing really work? This article explores the potential of social media marketing and questions whether or not companies are using it effectively. Social media can provide an invaluable tool for companies to reach overseas markets, but it must be used smartly to ensure a return on investment.

3 Best Free Sites for Monitoring Your Keywords

Monitoring your keywords is an important part of keeping up to date with your competition, branch and what is said about you on the internet. We collected the 3 best free monitoring sites you should take into consideration.

Lagniappe: How To Win Your Customers’ Loyalty With A Little Extra

I grew up in Louisiana and there are millions of cool things about having lived there, but one of my favorite terms is the title of this month’s column, lagniappe (Lann Yapp). For those of you unfamiliar with this word, it means something extra, like a baker’s dozen or a gift with purchase. It is very much part of the culture at home and I just love that way of life.

Simple Marketing ROI Tactics

How successful was your last marketing campaign? Can you tell how people that converted on your website? Was it worth the money you spent on the campaign? These are very important questions you should be able to answer at the end of a marketing campaign. Without these answers, how will you know what works and what does not?

An Overview of Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing analytics software is increasingly important for B2B marketers. In this article we review some of the advantages.

Utilizing Social Media for Financial Services Lead Generation

Generating financial sales leads can be a difficult challenge. Should you use telemarketing, email marketing or some other tactic? In this article we explore using social media to drive financial sales leads.

What You Should Know About Plastic Cards

Plastic cards have changed significantly over these years. Now, it is difficult to even think about modern life without the availability and convenience of them. They form such a great part in functionality and utility, it is what makes them so popular. They become a part of almost every one’s life.

Direct Selling Success: Share, and Just Do It!

I don’t think anyone likes to sell, and I don’t think anyone likes to be sold, so how do you find a common ground?Β Don’t sell, share! With your products and business opportunity you are marketing, simply share the opportunity/products, and don’t force them on people.

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