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One of the Most Undervalued Business Practices on the Planet – You Can Use and Win With Big Time

One business practice that could possibly turn your business/company/practice around in 120 days – or sooner. Incorporate this piece of advice into your operations, and watch your business/company/practice transform in no time.

Marketing Definition by T Harv Eker

There are so many concepts of marketing nowadays and each of them may be just fine, but T. Harv Eker is giving you marketing definition that is going to change your business drastically for good. T.

Mobile Friendly Marketing

Your customers use their mobile devices all the time for fun, shopping and buying. Businesses today should find ways to bring mobile device use into their marketing and merchandising.

How Much Money Should a Small Business Budget for Marketing?

As a small business owner, it’s hard to know how much of your valuable dollars should be spent on marketing. This article offers insights into what you should be allocating for marketing your small business, and the challenges faced in getting results for your marketing budget.

Honesty and Integrity – The Best Policy in Social Media

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Godin, on social media marketing.

New APRA Data Guidelines Make Business Sense: How to Manage the Risk

New APRA guidelines released 2 September 2013 call on insurers and banks to take the steps needed to manage their data risk, warning companies to use caution when outsourcing data management. Does this mean that banks and insurers need to rely on their internal IT departments for the data they need to understand their customers and respond to their needs?

Your Personal Photo Is Your Marketing Brand

Since I’ve been concentrating on LinkedIn, I notice something totally disconcerting. So many people, even professionals, use snapshots rather than professional photos. I see images where people look surprised they are being photographed, or worse, wacky. Images of you with your kids, hugging your partner in front of the Grand Canyon, your dog, or no photo at all… what on earth do you think you are doing posting a photo of yourself like that?

Let Your Business Strategy Dictate Your Marketing Tactics

The lack of a strategy is often the reason for marketing failures. It will be up to you to develop your own strategy. Sorry, there’s no secret little book or resource to hand one over to you. This is your job. You have to figure it out. However, I will share several strategies which have worked for various businesses and perhaps yours fits into the same category.

Sourcing Marketing Leads

Businesses of all types need a healthy source of marketing leads in order to grow, but where do you find them? Marketing and telemarketing sales leads can come from a variety of sources, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Using a blend of marketing lead sources can provide you with variety as you start marketing your business.

Successful Dental Practice Marketing Strategies

There is no denying that growing a successful dentistry practice requires heavy investment. Dental marketing ideas are a valuable asset, especially when you consider the fact that the various mediums you must utilize to advertise your practices are often overcrowded with your competition.

Generation X: The Caring Consumer

Members of Generation X are the ones born between 1967 and 1980 – between the two very large and dominant generations – Baby Boomers and Generation Y. What this means is that they are not only the ‘lost generation’ or the ‘boom echo’ (by being the ones born after the Boomers) but because they are so small, they tend to be ignored by sales and marketing efforts. Yet this cohort is currently of the age and socioeconomic status to be a major consumer group, one actively involved in making major purchases such as homes and cars. How can marketers attract this group to their products and services?

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