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Your Package Design Should Work for YOUR Product

The objective of a successful package design is to execute the brand strategy, and not to reflect a designer’s particular style. Sometimes designers can become caught up in the work and bring too much of their personal style into a design for your product’s packaging. So it’s always a good idea to remind everyone on the team that the star of the effort is the product — not the design.

How Do You Know When You Finally Have A Good Idea?

Have you ever known a time when ideas have been more important, nor so plentiful? Ideas are everywhere lately! Huge ideas, game changing ideas, groundbreaking ideas. All meant to fuel the ever-rising consumer demand for innovation. Creative problem solving has developed into an everyday activity for hundreds of thousands of eager and impressive business people around the world. The problem is, most don’t have a clue what a “good idea” really is.

5 Best Profitable Mobile Marketing for Business Strategies

A competitive edge is what businesses are looking for in today’s market. This is where mobile marketing for business comes in. Mobile marketing is an essential tool especially when you are looking to drive traffic to your online business site.

Marketing Tips for Medical Practice

A little investment on the marketing side can go a long way in determining how successful your practice will be. With marketing, you can drive new patients to your practice and fulfill desired goals. In the current scenario where economy is seeing a downturn, your practice is bound to get affected.

Redesigning A Website With a Message

Is your website working? Does your target audience find your website online? Does your website have a goal or a call to action? Could your website be improved when it comes to the clarity of it’s marketing message? Does someone know what you do and who it is for within 3 seconds?

Is Telemarketing A Dead Form Of Marketing?

Despite everything, no matter what critics and pundits are saying, telemarketing is here to stay. It is an important medium for appointment setting work. Read on to learn more.

Why You Need Consistent Branding and Messaging

For some of us, the idea of keeping our branding and messaging consistent comes naturally (or is hammered into us from the start of our career), for others, we need a reminder as to the value of consistent branding and messaging as well as how to do it. It’s really all about integrated marketing and showing your audience who you are and what values you hold as a business.

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Barter to Create Products

You are ramping up your business, looking for individual clients. While networking, you meet many people who are also in the business building stage. They are interested in your work, but aren’t sure they can afford it. So, rather than pay you, they offer to exchange services with you. The barter discussion follows.

What Is SEO? Straight to the Point

Perusing the internet from time to time, I’ve seen many articles, tutorials, and YouTube videos that address SEO. What’s the common denominator with most of them? They are never-ending, long-drawn-out and down-right lengthy; most with tender paltry attempts at humor, others have long winded explanations as to what they “offer” or a (dreary) listing of their experience and list of clientele. In short, many of their tutorials come off as nonsensical rabble. With that said, we will not delay a second longer.

Small Businesses Using Facebook Pages

Marketers argue that Facebook pages have diminished in their reach potential. It’s now that much harder to ensure you have an active audience on Facebook. Driving traffic to Facebook pages can be achieved through various methods.

Re-Framing Marketing Fears

Are you a business owner/entrepreneur who feels challenged when you hear the word “marketing”? Does this conger up a bit of fear, some negative/limiting self talk, beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors?

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