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Marketing Is A Crucial Part Of Dental Practice Success

I’ve spoken to dozens and dozens of dentists who are struggling to grow their practice, and many have tried marketing consultants, companies and techniques with minimal success. This is a tragedy for any small business, let alone a dental practice, as it takes a consistent and ongoing effort with your marketing to keep your practice afloat and attracting new patients.

‘Beware the Fake Marketer’ – Parts Three and Four

Last post, we discussed the brandless marketing consultant, a fake marketer whose disguise is as obvious as a fake moustache from a discount store. Today, our fake is a little more discreet and a little harder to spot. They are also becoming quite the commonplace. Who am I talking about? The graphic designer who disguises himself or herself as a marketing consultant.

Is Your Marketing a Cost or an Investment?

We know that to grow our business we need to market effectively to generate new customers, however, as soon as business slows, one of the first things to go is the marketing budget! Why is that? One of the main reasons for the marketing budget being cut as soon as money becomes a little tighter is because very few business owners actually understand whether their marketing is working for them or not.

Best Ways to Market Your Dental Practice

Gone are the days when a board hanging outside your clinic highlighting your practice attracted new patients. The acuity of how a dentist should nurture his/her practice has changed throughout the years. The fruition in dental marketing has become immensely complicated.

Why Should You Use Customer Surveys to Grow Your Business?

Are you performing customer satisfaction surveys in your business? Do you take the time and effort required to find out what your customers thought about their experience with your business? If you don’t, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to improve your services and increase your profits.

Niche Marketing: The Golden Source of Online Business Success

Why is niche marketing so important for online business success? Learn how successful businesses exploit the basic rules of niche marketing.

Effective Dental Marketing Tips

“Fixing a tooth is an interesting job, only if you know how to fix it right.” Well, the dental world has gone far beyond just fixing teeth. Recent developments in dental procedures such as teeth whitening, bonding and porcelain veneers have left patients craving for dentists.

When Marketing To Hispanics, It Is About Culture

Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in America. Businesses need to learn how to market to them. When marketing to Hispanics, businesses need to realize it is about culture not language.

Wining Words in Effective Telemarketing

Generating sales leads through telemarketing is not an easy task. To be an effective telemarketer you need a lot of effort and patience to get that sales lead you wanted. Read further and know how to become an effective telemarketer. 

Mobile Shopping This Cyber Monday and Black Friday

We noticed a large percentage of our client’s traffic comes from those using mobile devices. This observation made us wonder; for this year’s biggest shopping days, who is doing their shopping via mobile, and what kinds of mobile shopping trends are we going to see?

Can Internet Marketing Really Help My B2B Business?

My Marketing Still Works Just Fine. While it is common practice for manufacturers and industrial businesses to have a website, these businesses often shy away from online advertising and instead invest most, if not all, of their marketing budgets in more traditional forms of advertising. Traditional advertising is where these businesses feel most comfortable, as they have a long standing history with these mediums and know what to expect.

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