The proper way to DM people for work

How to Make Your Lead Generation Company Sell Better

These days, with big companies getting a lot of market share, it can be intimidating for your start-up lead generation company to enter the picture. But you can be able to do that.

5 Steps to Closing the Sale for a Group Mastermind Program

Are you trying to fill a smaller group coaching program or mastermind series? Maybe you are seeking six to 12 members. If you are promoting the offer with a teleclass, then closing the sale with callers is a bit different than the regular process.

How to Create Your Proprietary System

Clients frequently ask me how to put together their proprietary system and in what order the information should go. The confusion comes from the difference between working privately with clients versus group coaching or a home study program.

How to Host Your Own Introductory Event

One of the questions that I get very often is, “Fabienne, how do you host your own introductory event? What is necessary and how do you promote it and all that good stuff?”

Tips on Ordering Promotional and Imprinted Products Every Customer Should Know

To obtain the best results when imprinting a promotional product, one has to start with good vector art. The preferred format is Adobe Illustrator with outlines created. It is also important to know that there is a setup charge for each color imprinted as well as a run charge for every color after the first. Some vendors are able to imprint using a 4 color process (full color) method on selected products that is often done for 1 run charge.

Aseptic Packaging

Aseptic packaging technology is fundamentally different from that of conventional food processing by canning. Conventional canning renders food products commercially sterile, the nutritional contents and the organoleptic properties of the food generally suffer in the processing. Moreover, tinplate containers are heavy in weight, prone to rusting and are of high cost.

The Answer to Your Business Problems

It’s a big world world out there. Just 15 years ago before the internet had really taken off, our world, our opportunities for wealth creation were vastly different. But today, we truly are a global economy.

Internet Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

Internet marketing is a very successful method of driving visitors to your website or sales page. Check out these hot tips to make you more successful.

Luxury Brands And Loyalty

How luxury brands can create a positive pre-disposition among their target audience. Why regular loyalty programs won’t work.

Your Marketing Image: Aspirational Doesn’t Mean Dishonest

Why do so many proud companies become timid when they create marketing materials? There’s nothing wrong with presenting your company the way you want it to be.

Considerations In Coming Up With A Business Name

When starting a business, choosing the name is a fundamental step. Although choosing a name seems like an easy task, it can be quite difficult. Once you’ve made a choice, it’s not recommended it be changed, especially once you’ve begun the branding process.

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