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What is The No. 1 Thing A Product Manager Needs In Order To Launch A Product?

So just exactly what does it take to successfully launch a product? In my product management consulting work, I’ve had a chance to work with a number of companies that had arrived at the product launch stage filled with nervous anticipation. They had already done a lot of work (and spend a lot of money) and now all they had to do was launch the thing and the money would come rolling in…

Get a Replicating Web Site for Your Team Members

Every multi-level marketer knows that in order to succeed, they need to make their presence known online as well as in person. To make a successful impact in the online world, it is important to have a website which is not only search engine optimized, but which also needs to be completely customized to suit the needs of each distributor.

Top 4 Lead Generation Tips for the Digital Age

In order to convert a lead into a sale, you first have to know where your prospective customers are. These days, they’re on the Internet. While direct mail and traditional advertising still have a place in your marketing strategy toolkit, online lead generation is the most immediate way to connect with and engage those prospects. Your online presence – from social media to your website to your printed pieces – must carry an integrated and consistent message.

Marketing Tips For A New Paintball Store

Once you’ve done all the necessary research to make sure the location of your store will work, the next step is getting people in the door! As new customers are the life blood of your business, a well though out marketing plan will be one of your most important tasks. It will also be an on-going chore that will never end as long as you want your doors to stay open. While there are many marketing gimmicks and ideas that have made many retail stores successful, only some will work for your type of business. Paintball is considered an extreme sport and opening up a supplies store or field can be a risky venture. It’s important you choose the right marketing ideas that will be both cost effective and beneficial to your business. Keep reading this article for some great tips on how to choose which ideas that will best serve your small business. While this article is specific to a paintball store or field, the ideas presented can be applied to any type of retail/service related small business.

Marketing on Facebook – 2014

Social media marketing has changed dramatically over the past two years, especially over the last year. Marketing on Facebook has changed almost completely during that time.

How To Write A Successful Corporate Blog

Creating fresh and relevant content for your B2B corporate blog might seem daunting. However, regularly updating your blog with useful content will not only give your readers more reason to become brand evangelists, but will also give a definite boost to your SEO. Here are some best practices to employ-and some pitfalls to avoid-while promoting a healthy and beneficial content marketing strategy for your business.

Market Segmentation And Digital Marketing

As businesses of all sizes bring digital marketing more and more into their strategic mix, the question of market segmentation and making sure that the message of the organization first reaches its target market segment and secondly resonates with it needs to be high on the agenda of company executives. It is true to state that whilst many organizations may not like the extra work that goes into developing strategic digital marketing strategies that takes the marketing segmentation fundamental into consideration, it is necessary if it hopes to appeal to as many market segments as possible that it has identified for the growth of the business.

How To Double Your Sales, Starting Right Now

If you want to double your profits, the answer is simple. Spend twice as much time in front of the people who are in a position to say Yes to your offers. In this article, I provide some pointers on how to do just that.

Writing Sales Copy That Earns Millions Of Dollars – Fast!

Want to make a fortune with your business? All it takes is great copywriting — and in this article, I offer a five-point formula that shows you how to do it.

Business to Business Marketing and Branding Considerations

Considering the operation of businesses from a macro perspective it becomes easy to see how critical the B2B marketing and branding and aspect of the strategy is. Focusing on this part of the strategy enables businesses to meet goals and revenue projections whilst concentrating on their core competencies.

How Affirmations Set the Tone for Your Success

If you are working to attract clients and create a positive mindset, affirmations will help get you there. What a difference they can make! In case you aren’t familiar with this mindset technique, an affirmation is a positive statement about a goal you want to achieve, written in the present tense as if it is happening right now.

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