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Cutting Through the Marketing Clutter

Most prospective buyers face hundreds of advertising messages each day, so they’ve built a shield against them. Your message has to be unique and loud to get through. Here are some suggestions on how to accomplish this.

Rework Your Ideas

Best-selling products and services tend to be combinations of old and new ideas. Prospects want a comforting touch of the familiar along with the new — so give it to them.

How To Attract Fitness Customers With All Media Options For The Most Powerful Impact

Marketing is one of two key priorities in business. Without it you don’t have any business. It’s not something you should ever give up complete control of in your own business. You want and need to be in touch with your customers and their wants, fears, and goals as well as the way they want to get information from you. For that reason you can’t depend on just one source of connection. This article includes the must-haves for fitness client attraction. What you need to remember about each of these marketing venues is that they have multiple ways of helping you. The richer the content that you have the more powerful they will be. You will attract customers who are searching for what you have, providing you use titles wisely. You will also improve your search engine optimization if you play nicely.

How to Use Video Marketing For Fitness Business Success

Video marketing is a natural tool for growing your fitness business. Most trainers enjoy showing exercise or talking about it much more than they do conducting a sales consultation. If you want to get more paying fitness clients, you want video. In any advertising or marketing efforts images stand out before copy. If your amazing headline captures someone’s attention first, your image is going to be a close second. Place a video beside a static photo and the video wins. In a world of instant gratification if you can give a prospective customer a piece of what they’ll be getting when they become a client you’ll edge out your competition, providing you do it right. As a fitness marketing coach the mistakes I see in use of video are common. The focus of this article is taking doing video, to doing it right.

7 Marketing Trends for 2014

Marketing campaigns and information dissemination are continuing to evolve from print media to online trends. And similar, there continues to be a shift from offline communication technologies to inbound ones. Businesses are finding more and more success with content and original publishing channels online than with advertisements within content. Additional tactics include magnifying brand recognition and taking advantage of audience growth. Details follow.

How to Dominate Your Industry and Gain Corporate Clients

With every passing day more and more inspired and capable people don the mantle of entrepreneurship. Anyone who has been in any type of business for any length of time knows that they aren’t the only ‘kid on the block’. So, how do you set yourself apart from the competition? Read on to find out the answer to this question and also a quick tip on gaining corporate clients too.

How To Put A Business On Autopilot

The best way to put a business in auto pilot is to put systems in place.This will not only help you put an end to the cycle of putting out spot fires but also let you work on your business and not in it. Once your business runs like a well oiled machine, you don’t need to worry about the menial tasks. You will now have time to look at the bigger picture which is what business is all about.

Business Mastery

Instead of trying to do everything in your business, just focus on and master a few profitable things at a time. You can delegate or outsource all the rest.

The Emergency Money Generator

There will be times when you’ll need to generate emergency cash for your business. Here’s how to do it.

How to Stop Chasing Clients and Attract Them With Ease

Imagine what it would be like to have a steady pool of clients knocking down your door to work with you? Think of how good it would feel to have new clients every single month that you didn’t have to hunt down. It’s possible to have clients chasing you rather than you chasing them. Let me forewarn you, having clients chase you, requires that you put some very strategic client magnetic strategies in place. Building a solid business where clients know, like and trust you as well as eagerly pay to work with you takes time. Let me be honest, it’s not easy. However, if you use the principles I’m about to share with you, it will take you less time and effort in the long run.

Your Social Media Marketing Plan Needs 5 Key Elements

As with any business strategy, you need a plan for success and social media is no different. In order to effectively utilize social media as a viable marketing strategy for your business you must have a plan in place. “Failing to plan is planning to fail” says Alan Lakein a well- known author on personal time management. This simple quote applies in business as well. Just as you have a business plan and a marketing plan you need a social media marketing plan. Therefore when you are writing your social media plan you need to consider 5 important elements to ensure success. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending your time and efforts on something that simply is not useful for your business. Social media can be a very effective tool for small businesses when used the right way.

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