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The Things That Sell Best Are Often the Most Surprising

Sometimes, the items that sell best for you are the most unusual — and sometimes the most ridiculous. But you have to take advantage of what works.

Five Ways to Get Your Insanely Busy Prospect’s Attention (and Make Him Your Customer!)

How many sales and advertising messages do you receive a day, whether in your home mail box or email box? (text messages, billboard messages, radio ads, television ads, etc.) Do you read every message that comes across your path? Guess what… your prospects are no different-they are just too busy!

How to Create Money Out of Thin Air

Believe it or not, old-fashioned alchemy actually works — and it’s not magical at all. With the right words and approach, you can turn plain paper into gold.

Three Ways to Stop Attracting Clients Who Can’t Afford You

Sometimes my students end up in the frustrating place where prospects can’t afford their programs. This is a tough spot to be in and there are a few things that might be contributing to this situation. When I hear this, I recommend three tweaks to their get acquainted session and closing process.

How To Make Your Fitness Marketing Emails More Profitable

In order to reach your prospective customer your message has to be heard through the noise. Once you get your chance at bat you can’t miss. Avoid the most common mistakes of fitness professionals and make your message more profitable.

Three Great Options For Moving Your Exhibition Stand Outdoors

The summer season is nearly here and many companies are taking this opportunity to get ready for the outdoor season ahead of them. Outdoor displays and trade shows are a great way to generate publicity and offer cheaper alternatives to some large indoor exhibitions. With the sun starting to show through the clouds and 2014 expected to be a hot summer, getting your displays ready early has never been more important.

How To Succeed With Dental Practice Marketing

Dental practice marketing is a little more complicated than the marketing for many other types of businesses. Dental marketing must be done so that it enlightens individuals, and encourages them to come to the dental clinic, but the internet reaches all over the world, so targeting the right audience, in the right geographic location will be very important.

How Product Managers Should Go About Doing Business Research

In order for your product to be successful, you are going to have to have to have a good understanding of your market. I wish that I could tell you that there was some sort of pill or potion that you could take that would magically provide you with the information that you need. Sorry, such a quick solution does not currently exist. Instead, you’re going to have to do some business research on your market. Do you know how to go about doing that?

3 Reasons You Should Consider Flyer Distribution Services

Before you can even consider flyer distribution services, make sure that you have professionally designed flyers. If you haven’t thought about how flyer distribution services can benefit your business, take a couple minutes to learn about what it can do for your company.

The 7 Most Effective, Engaging and Flat Out Fun Features That Make Your Mobile App More Successful

If you are a marketing director, business owner or a chief executive then this article is a must read for you. In order to respond effectively to the growing consumer demand for exciting mobile apps, businesses need to deliver creative, fun and engaging solutions.

Use High Quality Gimmees

I’m against the use of gimmees (freebies, give-aways, junk, etc) in trade show booths. If you don’t start doing it, you’ll never have to stop.

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