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Lead Your Industry in the BIG Things

The good news about strategic leadership is that the main perceived disadvantages are not real. This is not to say that leadership isn’t scary, nor is it to say that things can’t go wrong. Rather, those problems will exist whether you are in a leadership position or not! In other words – you will make mistakes whether you are leading your industry or trailing it. True, more people will notice the mistakes of the leader, but the sad truth is that companies that “play it safe” make just as many mistakes – and have the added disadvantage that the market never perceives an advantage to innovation “safety”.

Top Biotech Firms Team Up With Big Pharma To Make The Next Big Thing

The early detection of disease is key to successfully treating it, and in the world of pharmaceuticals, partnerships between the biotech research companies and the major pharmaceutical companies is driving the progress of the development of cures for today’s most persistent health issues and diseases effecting the world’s population. That is why today’s top biotech companies are working more closely than ever with many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations.

Transform Your Blog Into a Money Maker Through the Use of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s say you have an online blog, which you would like to earn money from. What is the best way to do that, you wonder? Well, the first thing a potential money-maker should look into is a suitable affiliate marketing service to apply to.

Can Biotech Save Big Pharma From the Patent Cliff?

Many big pharmaceutical companies have been recently facing large patent cliffs on certain notable blockbuster drugs. As these patents expire, big pharma will begin to realize significant drops in sales that can significantly bite into both revenues and profits. As a result, big pharma has been instituting a variety of strategies to deal with these patent expirations. While no one strategy is likely to be a cure-all for all organizations, big pharma companies are facing some significant patent expiration that they will have to deal with, sooner rather than later.

A “LIKE” Is a Like and a Friend Is a Friend

The Internet has made too many people lazy and – actually -somewhat less social. There are those, who can sit at a computer all day and pump out all sorts of communications without having a single telephone conversation or face-to-face meeting with a customer, vendor or professional associate. This is a concerning trend, especially for home-based businesspeople, bashful job seekers and others that simply need to “get out more.”

Demographics Data: How to Use It in Marketing

Neighborhood demographics – along with where your potential customers reside and what they’re likely to purchase – is not data you can take for granted. Demographics are a crucial element of any business, and they can give you great results if you know how to use them well in your marketing campaigns.

The Flip Side Of The Internet – Marketing With Mail

Business owners often throw their money away with internet marketing tactics that are doomed to fail. For the best chances of marketing success, print media and mail marketing may be the way forward.

Magic Wands, Cold Spaghetti and Your Website?

When you sit down to write website copy from the wrong frame of mind, your words come out all watered down and limp… kind of like cold spaghetti. Which does NOT help your goal of using your website to attract clients! Read on to find the remedy now.

Custom Flags Wave “Bye Bye” to the Competition

Have you ever seen the long black stretch limousines with the tiny fluttering flags of the VIPs who are driven inside? The flags in this case are the country flags of the land they serve. For those who want special recognition and better brand familiarity and knowledge, custom flags add uniqueness and promotion at a limited cost with the maximum result. You too can use custom flags to feel like a world class ambassador for your company, product, or service!

Small Business Marketing Online – How Not To Break The Bank

In the world of small business, there is a difficult balance to achieve between marketing and over-spending. Small business online marketing helps firms to achieve success without spending a lot of money on advertising. This way they can grow or just maintain a comfortable status quo without over-stretching themselves.

The Imminent Death of the QR Code

The death of the QR Code within the marketing realm was imminent. Some might disagree with this statement, but recent studies support this claim and I suspect that moving forward similar reports will emerge showcasing the demise of QR Codes for marketing purposes.

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