Tony Robbins – Your brain is not designed to make you happy

The Importance of Market Research in the Healthcare Industry

Market research is a crucial stage to help any company in the health industry to determine the demographics of their target audience. The data gathered are also essential to plan and implement the most effective strategy to be included in the campaign.

Top Reasons to Use Stickers and Decals As a Marketing Tool

There are a million different options when it comes to how to market your business. We’ve comprised a short list of the top reasons stickers and decals make a great marketing tool for your business.

Top 3 B2B Lead Nurturing Characteristics for Success

At the onset of every campaign to reach and engage quality B2B leads, there are several key considerations all B2B marketers should have top-of-mind. Specifically, with B2B lead nurturing, one must clearly define program goals and objectives to ensure prospects are responding to your continued attempt to engage them, but also to justify your investment in building a multi-channel experience. If this is something your marketing team is not doing today, there’s a good chance your results may not be hitting the mark.

Tips to Buying the Best Quality Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are probably one of the most popular promotional products purchased by companies around the world each and every day. There are numerous factors you are going to want to take into consideration when it comes to buying promotional lanyard to ensure you choose the right quality and that the product you purchase is used by your customers moving forward, providing you with the brand visibility you expect and deserve.

3 Things Dark Chocolate Will Teach You About Sponsorship Success

If you’re anything like me, you have a few guilty pleasures. A good book, your favorite movie, that go-to dessert, or a glass of wine! That said, I have a confession.

3 Phases of a Successful “Get Your Book to Number 1 on Amazon” Book Launch

Considered the Holy Grail of online book stores, Amazon is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Most authors dream of watching their book hit #1 on Amazon, but many are not quite sure what they need to do to make this happen…

4 Things to Consider for Using Promotional Products

The prevailing marketing strategy for most businesses includes the usage of promotional items. This is because these are more cost-effective than any other medium of advertising. Another thing to consider, in this case, is that people like to get free gifts. As a result of this, the companies get promoted through the word of mouth if they offer more freebies to their customers. However, it is always a difficult decision to integrate this medium properly into your marketing plan. This is the reason why here are some of the tips that will help you integrate your personalised business items with your business strategy suitably.

Different Components Of A Marketing Mix

There are plenty of ways for promoting your business. Being aware of which among these marketing strategies will work best for your business is very important.

Let Me Count The Ways – 10 Ideas for Repurposing That White Paper

This is a quick overview of 10 low cost methods to get additional exposure by re-purposing a White Paper or Article. All suggestions are quick and easy for either the marketer or non-marketer.

Are You Making It Easy?

Here’s a question we all need to ask ourselves as business owners. Are we making it easy for our customers to do business with us? As strange as it may sound, a lot of business owners these days never actually stop and do a stock take on whether or not their processes, systems, structure or operational methods are getting in the way of how a client / customer would like to interact with them.

Which Is Better – Acquisition OR Retention? On Prospecting in B2B

There are those B2B businesses that meticulously go beyond in the proposal – with the hopes of supplying a perfect and pristine sales pitch. Conversely, when all is said and carried out, plus the contract is finalized – what’s next?

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