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5 Building Blocks of Your Perfect Buyer Persona

If you’ve been with us for any amount of time you know and I know that all good marketing is customer focused. The more you know about your best customer, the better you can communicate with them and the faster you can escort them through your funnel. The best way to identify your perfect customer is by creating what we call a buyer persona or a client avatar.

Why You Need A Sales Funnel In Your Life

If you’re interested in growing your business and have been looking for a solution for any amount of time, you’ve most likely heard somebody mention funnels. If you aren’t using lead generation and sales funnels in your marketing – you’re throwing out a lot of time, energy and resources in your marketing efforts that most likely isn’t giving your much of a return on your investment… am I right?

In Senior Care Marketing – Backing Your Messages With “Reality” Builds Trust

Just because you say “we really care” doesn’t mean people searching for senior care will believe you. You have to earn people’s trust by supplying proof of care, compassion and expertise. That means going beyond messaging and offering samples of your product… in other words, reality.

Four Tips to Increase Small Business Visibility (on a Budget)

Small and Medium sized businesses are increasing globally. In Trinidad, they number in the range of 18,000 to 25,000 firms, contributing to 30% of our nation’s GDP. Despite this, US statistics state that over 50% of small businesses fail within the first year (1).

Effective B2B Marketing Tactics

Lead Scoring and Ideal Customer Profile: Building an ideal customer profile helps you segment your customers who are willing to buy from you. It is a description of a ficticious organization which gets significant value from your service or product. By knowing what they need and by figuring out how they will respond, your marketing strategies can evolve and become more personalized.

Supernatural Marketing

There are three dimensions of marketing: FrontDoor Marketing, BackDoor Marketing, and Supernatural Marketing. Much of what is known and practiced in the marketplace is FrontDoor Marketing! Very little is known of BackDoor Marketing and much less is known of Supernatural Marketing…

Ethnography: Understand and Shape Your Brand Experience

In the simplest terms, ethnography is understanding your customer. Ethnography is removing yourself and your preconceived notions, assumptions, biases and interpretations to fully see and learn how end users interact with the products, services, and/or processes. It is understanding how they interact with products by observing and discussing their interactions in THEIR environment; providing qualitative analysis, not just quantitative; it’s deep diving into practice vs. theory. Ethnography is another tool at the core of what marketing is all about.

How Lead Generation Works

Many people project lead generation as something very easy, but it is not so. This is the reason why many companies are outsourcing lead generation services. To develop lead sources, a company has to do a lot of groundwork. It will need a unique strategy, action plan and constant optimization. It is a slow process which requires a lot of resources, time, effort and money.

How B2B Portals Are Useful in Promoting Your Business?

B2B portals are most useful for developing new business communities and maintain improved relations with current business correspondents. It also helps in reducing the time cycle involved in making products and services easily available to the customers.

Tips For Effectively Marketing Your Martial Arts School

Once you become the owner of a martial arts school, teaching won’t be your only or primary job. This will be especially true if you plan on keeping overheads low by hiring only a few employees to help you out. One of the important additional tasks you will have to handle is marketing your martial arts school. After all, if no one knows about your school and offered courses, you won’t have any students. You won’t get any revenue as well. And to get people or kids to enroll at your school, you need to market or promote your institution. If it’s your first time to carry out a marketing campaign for your martial arts school, below are some useful tips that can help you.

Using Props in Marketing

Props play an important role in making something realistic and creative. This attribute of props helps marketers to use props in their marketing tactics.

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