Using Data Management Platforms to Collect Audience Data

Reducing Data Entry Time For Your Telemarketing Team

Data entry work is not exactly a critical job of telemarketers, it is calling prospects. How can you help your people call more and waste less time in entering data in their database?

A Few Lead Generation Facts For Wholesalers In Healthcare And Medicine

One mistake that wholesalers can make is assume that they should only focus on businesses they sell to. Obviously, they shouldn’t neglect the feedback consumers give to their B2B customers. Simple factors like sales, PR, and trends are just as much a concern for B2B businesses.

How to Solve the Issues Your Clients Face – Part 1

So what are we to do to help our little companies survive and grow? I decided the best way to help companies was ask them what their biggest marketing issue is. I asked the question through a number of channels, including Linkedin, emails and my blog. It turns out the three most common issues mentioned were

Auto Repair Pricing – Three Tips to Address Pricing Concerns of Auto Repairs and How to Solve Them

As an Auto Repair Shop owner, you understand all too well that when it comes to increasing your car count and building your business, that there’s always that proverbial ‘Elephant in the Room’. That’s price. How do you overcome price objections? Follow my three steps to walk your customer through the decision making process.

Just Between You And Me: Email’s Inside Advantage

Email Marketers know how valuable their subscribers are. Use this amazing resource to show your readers how special they are. Some tips for making the most of this ulta personal channel.

6 Ways To Do Appointment Setting For Your Web Hosting Business

 IT leads are important assets that your company should use. You just need to make your appointment setting campaign to be much better. How will you do that?

Attn: Auto Shop Owners – Tired of Customers Resisting Your Price? Here’s Two Tips You Need To Know

Just like all the other auto shop owners trying to increase their car count and build their business, you can’t escape the issue of price. Auto repairs can eat up a huge portion of a person’s budget, but how do you get over that? How do you address that ‘Elephant in the Room’? How do you overcome price objections for your auto repair quotes? I’ll show you the two biggest mistakes you’re making right now and how to correct them.

ERP Lead Generation – Three Major Concerns Of Software Prospects

When it comes to marketing business software, three things always wind up a concern. You have the security of their data, the privacy of their own information, and the use of their time. Plenty of bad marketing practices are often the result of neglecting these concerns and acting as if not all customers share them.

Seven Tips to Engage Your Prospected Customers

Check out seven handy tips to engage your prospects. Also learn creative ways to attract more customers to your business.

SPSS Text Analytics – Can It Be Used in Marketing?

Text analysis of surveys, social media and forums can give a better understanding of your audience. But will it guide and improve your marketing communications?

Advertising on Social Media: All Your Brand Needs to Know

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular option for marketers who wish to promote their brand while connecting with a network of followers and fans of the brand. While social media on its own is a perfect way to indirectly connect to consumers through sharing and engagement -that engagement can be taken to a more promotional level through actual advertising on social media.

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