VaynerX Presents: Marketing for the Now: 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION!

How to Get the Best Prospects to Give You More Money

Want to move into the top position in your marketplace? This single secret will help get you there.

Skills Needed for Running A Website Designing Company

The following article will assist you in formulating correct strategies that are really needed during establishment and running of a website designing company. The company should come up with best professional ethics.

How to Successfully Market Your Business

You are your own personal brand. Your image, marketing material, and the manner in which you portray yourself, in essence is your brand. For example, Apple has branded itself to have the best products by promoting the fact that their products don’t get viruses.

How To Give A Powerful 30 Seconds Mini-Commercial

Are you networking a lot? Have you visited groups like BNI, Le Tip, Power Leads or your local Chamber of Commerce networking events? Then you are probably familiar with the term “round robin.” where everyone gets to have a turn to speak in front of the group for 30 seconds. Sometimes, with smaller groups you may be lucky to get up to 60 seconds, but 30 seconds is a standard. In this article we will talk about how to use those 30 seconds to your best advantage.

Marketing Success: Fish Where the Fish Are

Many companies are constantly trying all sorts of new marketing ideas all over the place. If you’re looking for consistent success, maybe you should focus closer to home.

Vertically Integrating Your Brand Message

The concept of vertically integrating your brand message is clearly not new. Companies for years have embraced the concept that if you are going to communicate a brand message, it is best to communicate that same brand message throughout all customer touch points. The thought is that when this is done, the message resonates louder and has greater impact to the end consumer.

Major Features of a Better Business Card for Your Business

Business cards are the first impression that customers get concerning a person’s business. The card usually represents an individual and his or her business. Good designing and publication of a business card is therefore very important in providing information to customers.

7 Tips to Actually Put a Stop to a Really Serious Exhibitor Belief

There’s a belief around that numerous exhibitors regard as true. That belief is that show management assume 100 % accountability for drawing prospects to the show, and then guiding them to your exhibit to buy your products/services. Discover seven tips to put a stop to this myth.

How to Effectively Promote Yourself and Your “Labor of Love” When Networking at Events

Have you ever attended an event and been approached by someone trying to “sell” something to you or “get” you as a client too soon, too fast or too push-y? This week I’d like to talk with you about how to effectively promote yourself and your “Labor of Love” when networking at events so that you can make the most of these high-energy, high-impact opportunities live events give you to set yourself up to authentic networking success.

3 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Marketing Efforts

Many entrepreneurs reach out to me for help because they have hit a wall and finally got sick of their perpetual state of overwhelm. Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out which way is up? Or perhaps you’ve been completely confused about what steps to take to grow your business?

Create a Coach Marketing Funnel That Gets Coaching Clients

Step-by-step process for creating a coach marketing funnel that attracts coaching clients to you. New coaches often struggle to find clients. With an effective marketing funnel in place, clients are attracted to you so you never have to struggle to find them and more importantly, you don’t have to do any hard “Selling.”

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