VaynerX Presents: Marketing for the Now Episode 33 with Gary Vaynerchuk

Win New Customers By Carefully Overcoming Their Switching Costs

New business is not always profitable business, especially in the early days of the relationship. Suppliers should exercise caution when creating and implementing marketing initiatives to win new customers. The supplier needs to make concessions to overcome the customer’s switching costs, sure, but within reason.

Reach Out and Touch Your Customers

Ever since entrepreneurs first started trading goods and services for money, we’ve been asking ourselves: how do we reach the people most likely to do business with us? It’s become clear over the years that advertising is the best marketing method to use. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the possibilities.

Branding Is the Spirit of Marketing

The process of branding a service, a concept, or a product is crucial in terms of achieving the desired market appreciation and thereby amplifying the sales revenue. This is all the more true nowadays when there is tough competition in all spheres of human interest. In effect, branding is a politic method to educate and convince the public that they can expect something to their liking from the product, or services that is being marketed.

Clients Use Website Replication to Attract More Leads

Multilevel marketing is a competitive business regardless of the industry. Fortunately, things like website replication, autoresponders and webinars can help bridge the gap between slow earnings and success.

7 Video Editing Tips for Super-Effective Marketing Videos

There are a few best practices when it comes to video editing. The point of the video is to draw new business, so it helps to learn as much about the process as you can.

Did “Marketing” Kill Your Fire For Your Business? (Aka, Death By Marketing)

Have you had this experience… you started out doing something in your business with passion, with fire. You tried to do it justice by learning all the business and marketing stuff on how to make it work, make it better, make it reach more people, make it make you a living… etc. (Whatever that training program sales page tried to convince you… ) A few months later, you find yourself in a rut, chasing your tail on the hamster wheel but no longer know why the hack you are doing that for.

Ways to Build Your Mailing List Without Direct Advertising

Most businesses usually grow their mailing lists through direct advertisements. However, there are other methods they can explore so that they do not always have to spend on ads and come off as hard-sell to their leads.

Why Use Lead Generation

Lead generation is vital in every business because it is somewhat the “prerequisite” of generating sales. More than just increasing the probability closing business deals, lead generation has a lot of value added to your business.

Why a “Special Report” Is the Most Effective Tool for Lead Generation

The special report (a.k.a. white paper) is catching on like wildfire as one of the most powerful tools for attracting qualified leads to your business. “As a marketing tool, these (white) papers use selected facts and logical arguments to build a case favorable to the company sponsoring the document.” – Wikipedia.

New Summary of Fascinate

In Fascinate, world-renowned brand consultant Sally Hogshead introduces readers to the seven universal fascination triggers: lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, and trust. Exploring research from behavioral and social studies, historical precedents, neurobiology, evolutionary anthropology, and feedback from thousands of consumers, Hogshead explains what fascinates people and why and shows marketers how to apply this valuable knowledge to their own brand campaigns. By knowing how to use the right fascination triggers in the right ways, companies can more effectively achieve their desired results.

How Viral Marketing Is Changing How Companies Communicate With Broad Mass Markets

The best way to communicate with broad mass markets is to tune into the realm of internet. This is one of the best media to seek new opportunities and to communicate messages related to a brand, company, promotion or to simply increase brand retention.

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