VaynerX Presents: Marketing for the Now Episode 36

Bad Telemarketing Tactics To Avoid

Telemarketing is a very important for your business, but you have to be sure that you or your team is not falling into these common pitfalls. Read on to learn more about it.

Why Most Marketing Misses The Mark (And How You Can Hit The Bullseye)

Here is perhaps one of the most ancient rules of human nature (which most people conveniently forget when it comes to marketing their business).  If you truly understand it, it will forever transform the way you communicate with your prospects and clients, end your marketing headaches, and save you thousands of dollars: Ready to learn this earth shattering truth?

Advantages Of Bulk SMS For Your Business

In today’s marketing arena, SMS marketing is gaining recognition among the entrepreneurs with its cost effective and reliable features. In 2011, worldwide mobile messaging market generated US$202 billion as revenue and mobile messaging contributed to 63.5%. As SMS is becoming the medium of communication between people, using bulk SMS marketing is an effective way to boost your business productivity.

Field Marketing and Technology – A Match Made in Heaven?

Field Marketing is all about boosting a brand, and if there is one market which is constantly expanding, it is the technology market. This article will examine the potential for Field Marketing intervention in the tech-market.

Nutrition As a Tool in Fitness Marketing

Owning a health club does not end in making people sweat with the exercises and routines you instruct them to perform. Brand new fitness marketing schemes now make use of a more holistic approach that does not merely focus on physical activity, but on diet and nutrition as well.

More Value For Less With The Right Health Club Marketing

Men and women these days are becoming more health conscious and have a difficult time in maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially if they are busy with their careers. They realise that as they age, they cannot retain the health that they once possessed during their youth. In order for them to be able to maintain a fit mind and body, they recognise the importance of signing up for a membership in a fitness gym.

Fitness Marketing – Helping You Gain More Clients Easily

As a personal trainer, you should figure out what your current and future clients are searching for. Doing so will allow you to draw in more business. Researching is important as this will help you analyse your target market and determine their needs and health goals. A marketing plan is essential in the success of any business.

Content Marketing With Infographics

In this day and age of extreme amounts of data, you are always trying to find new and exciting ways to present your content and to make it attractive so that large numbers of people want to read it. The amount of content that is being created, posted, and syndicated on a daily basis is almost unfathomable. That would be okay in and of itself; however, it isn’t a matter of the content merely sitting there.

How To Publicize Your Business

One of the most important things for you to consider when you operate an online business is being able to contact your customers. It is not simply enough for you to sit back and wait for customers to come through your website, you need to be proactive at pulling them in. Of course, there are numerous ways for you to be able to do this and not all of them are going to be appropriate for your exact business model.

Expand the Marketing Mix to Include the Intangibles

Traditional marketing centres on controlling the elements used to satisfy or communicate with customers: Product, Place, Promotion, and Price. This model of marketing-known as the Marketing Mix or 4 Ps-was fine until the upsurge in the service-based economy started. It was then found wanting as it didn’t cover the intangibles of delivering services to customers. To complement and enhance the Marketing Mix model, service marketers have adopted an expanded version that includes three more essential elements: People, Physical Evidence and Process

How to Choose the Right Corporate Entertainer for Your Corporate Event Entertainment

You have everything set for your employee appreciation event or customer appreciation event. Your CEO introduces the entertainment for the evening and then, slowly, everything comes crashing to a halt. Instead of the laughter and applause that you hoped to hear, you hear silence and heavy sighs.

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