VaynerX Presents: Marketing for the Now – TikTok Edition!

Using Futuristic Sales Techniques to Boost Marketing Concepts and Improve Sales

In today’s modern world, the concept of advertising too has changed beyond recognition; the current trend is towards digital campaigns, which have been shown to yield excellent results for the clients. Technology has advanced to such an extent that marketing managers can monitor every minute detail about the returns and results from their digital strategy.

Push Notifications – Provides Analytics and CRM Tool for Higher Level Marketing

Companies are investing a lot of money over customer relationship management and direct marketing initiatives. With enhanced connectivity through mobile, direct marketing strategies have reshaped and become more focused. Advanced capabilities and push alerts have paved the way for greater customer connectivity, viral marketing, and even new customer acquisition

Direct Mail or Social Media: Which Marketing Channel Is Right For Your Small Business?

What’s the best way to promote your small business? We compare two marketing channels, direct mail and social media, to help small business owners decide what’s right for them.

Marketing Is So Overwhelming

Would you like to know how to get more customers and build your business faster? Guaranteed? Here is how…

How Do You Save A Dying Brand? The Blackberry Story

The best product management job to have roughly 5 years ago would have been to work at Blackberry – the maker of the most popular mobile phones. Back in the day, no matter where you went, you would always see people typing on those little Blackberry keyboards or using their little Blackberry trackballs. However, a lot has happened in the past 5 years – both the iPhone and Android arrived on the scene and Blackberry has fallen on hard times. Can this brand be saved?

Marketing Tips for Introverts – Build Your Business in Ways That Feel Safe and Natural to You

Are you a small business owner – and an introvert – who finds marketing difficult, awkward or just plain scary? Here are my top 5 ways to market your business that suit introverts and feel comfortable, safe and easy – and of course, successfully get you more clients and customers!

Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Try Out

Mobile marketing campaigns have proven their effectiveness to advertisers. Here are two specific associated strategies to implement for further success.

5 Business Lessons That Apply Globally!

I was on a trip recently to different parts of Africa and it was absolutely life-changing. I did have high expectations with respect to the projects we were working on – and those expectations were greatly surpassed. We gave a lot and we received so much more in return.

Three Easy Tips On Marketing For Lawyers

These days, there are more people entering the legal profession. While there might have been a time when lawyers only need to open an office and clients will pour in, finding clients have become a lot more challenging these days especially to new lawyers.

How To Get More Clients Now

A lot of people say they want to get more clients. But more often than not, they are not focusing on the critical components that would give them the fastest path to cash. The hard truth is, all the “leveraged” and “passive income” talk sounds good on paper but unless you have a clear message and a loyal following (which you get by having a clear message, know where to find your people, and spend the time to build relationship), selling five slots in a $200 program is not going to do a whole lot.

What Is Integrated Marketing and Why Should I Care?

An integrated marketing agency has a tough job. They can help you improve your reach and impact by integrating your message and vision across all marketing channels.

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