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Offer A 200% Money Back Guarantee? Are You Nuts!

The late, great Gary Halbert was one of the smartest copywriters of our times. Here is the guarantee copy he wrote for Donna Mills (TV star) and her beauty treatments.

Going Global: International Marketing

The era of globalization in the corporate sphere has arrived, and there is no going back. As company audiences increase exponentially, so does the need for marketing specialists. In the past, audiences were only as large as the radio frequency would carry; now, audiences stretch as far as the other side of the world.

7 Urgent Things To Do Before Writing Your Marketing Plan

Discover 7 simple questions to ask to help speed up creating your next marketing plan. The what, where, when, who and how you’ll want to know before you start your marketing plan.

What Magic Happens When A Business Marketing Plan Comes Together?

For most business owners the key to success lies in a solid marketing plan with strong marketing tactics. A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines a company’ overall marketing efforts. There are a ton of plan templates readily available on the internet.

Promotional Products – How To Choose The Best Personalised Promotional Gifts For Christmas

Promotional products could be the perfect Christmas gift – provided you choose the right ones. Read on for some tips on what to choose to get the best return on your investment and make your customers or clients happy.

Tips on How to Go Viral

Many of us have had the opportunity to witness or partake in the #icebucketchallenge, primarily benefiting ALS. This phenomenon is being witnessed all around the world with people seeing on their Facebook news feed, YouTube and in the news people donating to charity, pouring ice water on their heads, or both. If you Google “Ice Bucket Challenge”, you will get over 182 million results.

5 Things You Can Do This Month To Increase Online Traffic

When the quality and value of your product speaks for itself, making sales are easy. However, even with the best product or service, getting the word out to build awareness and educate the public about your amazing business is of critical importance. When it comes down to it, you still need to increase online traffic and develop a steady stream of visitors, you need to follow a few important tips. Here are 5 methods for increasing traffic.

To Write Better, Start In The Middle

If you’re having a tough time getting started with a writing project, maybe you shouldn’t be starting at the beginning. Here’s why.

Custom Promotional Products, The Most Cost Effective Form of Marketing

When it comes to marketing your brand, there are several avenues you can take and all of them can lead to certain degrees of success. However, some are more effective than others. Choosing the right method for your company can mean the difference between your company growing, and your company sinking like so many others over the recent years.

How Not to Run a Loyalty/Reward Marketing Scheme to Boost Your Business

In 1992, in the UK, Hoover offered its customers the chance to get two free flights in return for purchasing one of its products. It was by any standards an enormously successful marketing campaign. The problem was, however, that Hoover had to pay out far more in purchasing flights than it earned in income from the sales of its products.

Things You Need to Know When Printing a Booklet

Booklet printing is used by thousands of companies around the world on a daily basis. Booklets are used for marketing or to provide information. Manufacturers use them to provide “how to use” information on the products that they design and supply, businesses use them daily to provide information to their customers on various topics, and also use them for marketing in the form of catalogues, giving a list of products for sale or to highlight promotional offers at discounted prices. Various programmes print booklet to commemorate their events.

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