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Easy SEO Tips for You

This article gives you tips on how you can optimize your website for SEO by yourself if you don’t want to hire a SEO company yet. Some tips are given that may help you in this regard. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method through which you can optimize your website so that it may rank higher in search results. It will give advantage to you over your competitors. Most of online searches are performed on Google, yahoo and Bing. Many people perform SEO to optimize their websites for Google as the majority of daily searchers belong to this search engine. Now, let us discuss top ten tips for DIY SEO.

Where to Buy and How to Use Roll-Up, Pull-Up, or Retractable Banner Stands

Question: I am a graphics broker – or as some would say, a “middle-man” – and would like to know where to find wholesale or discounted pricing on retractable banner stands – also known as roll-up banner stands or pull-up banner stands? Answer: There are a lot of wholesale companies in the US, Canada, and Europe that sell to brokers. We’ve found that most of them are too over-priced for us to be able to add a mark-up and still remain competitive. And there are sites that sell direct at wholesale that make re-selling banner stands difficult as well.

Stop Horsing Around With Your Marketing

Marketing brings the horse to the water. Sales convinces it to drink. Is that how we really do it?

How To Make Money With The Internet

To make money with the internet, you need to follow a process and you need to be consistent about it. Making money with the internet is not by luck but by working towards it. So, let’s look at how to make money with the internet and you’ll see the process you need to go through for you to make this happen.

Closing the Engagement Gap: Selling Employees on Health and Wellness

David Goldsmith and the team at Dossia recently invited me to present a webinar to their customers and industry colleagues on engagement strategy. Participant engagement is a significant issue for many of their customers (WalMart, Intel, AT&T, Pitney Bowes, BP, etc.

Seven Ways To Get Seven Fitness Clients In Seven Days

Are you a personal training wanting to grow your business? You may be starting out at a new facility, new city or growing a business. The need to gain clients will be steady and constant. You always want a model of growing your base and have a plan for training at a frequency of at least once a week with all clients with the possibility of bumping up certain clients when a hole comes open.

Introduction to Marketing – Part Eight: Distribution Strategy

Introduction to Marketing – Part Eight: Distribution Strategy. Marketing is a versatile, crucial and ever changing organisational function. It is a practice that everyone should have a basic understanding of, which is why I am writing a series of articles focused on covering the basics for people that want to know more about this amazing science.

Introducing the Three-Step Marketing System

Your job as a marketer is to attract customers and give them what they want. But it all begins with not only attracting the right people, but repelling the wrong ones.

Dental Marketing Techniques For All Types Of Dental Clinics

There was a time when each town had one dentist in it. Everyone saw the one dentist when they had oral concerns. Today there may be one hundred dental clinics in a town, and sometimes even more than one hundred. How does each of these clinics attract patients? Through dental marketing strategies.

Why Direct Mail Is the Ultimate Form of Marketing

For you, “junk mail” should never be junk. Direct mail is one of the most effective forms of marketing there is.

Simple Pointers About Dentist Reputation Management

Dentist get a bad reputation when patients talk badly about them to other patients. Before technology allows so many of us to have the ability to connect through the internet dentist reputation management was pretty much unheard of.

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