What are Programmatic Ads and DSP?

7 Do’s And Don’t Of Making Blogging Easy And Fun To Do

Nobody expects your blog to a literary masterpiece so immediate stop trying to make it perfect or the one that gets 1,000 shares in Facebook, but bear in mind that you always want to deliver something of value and not just “something” that ranks for a keyword you thought of. Set aside some time each week to write your next article for your blog and once you a first draft, go back over it, editing out the 7 Deadly Sins of Copywriting. Spelling mistakes, use a spellcheck by all means but never…

Tips for Marketing Strategists: The Value of Product Packaging

Product packaging is meant to protect your merchandise from any damage. This is when the manufacturer transports the commodities to retailers and while the goods are on the shelves of retail outlets. Moreover, packaging is not only for protection of products.

Promoting Salon Services – Salons and Spa’s Crack the Groupon Code and Cashing in Big

If you are a salon or spa owner or even a staff member that’s been thinking about using Groupon as a way to promote and market your salon services, there’s a great alternative that is making salons a fortune. In this article discover how beauty businesses are using the Groupon method to cash in and turn their business into a huge success overnight.

Selecting And Evaluating A Solo Ad List Broker

Let’s talk about… Selecting a solo ad list broker is half art and half science. The art involves searching on Google or other search engine sites, visiting each website, reading the information presented and making a judgment of which sites can best help you.

Watch Out for The Goo!

Having a definite sequence for acquiring the customer, you now need an equally well thought out sequence for retaining the customer. Keeping three basic prin­ciples in mind will help ensure that you’re always getting the right message to the right market – a neces­sary formula for success, particu­larly in challenging economic times like these.

The Right Strategic Plan to Win the Market

A solid marketing plan is one of the most crucial determinants in when it comes to winning a particular market for the long-term. Unfortunately, too many companies make the mistake of diving headfirst into a market battle arena without so much as a judicious plan in place to guide them.

In Appointment Setting, Put Preparations Over Presumptions

In appointment setting, identifying basic problems and foreseeing objections puts your salespeople at an advantage. On the other hand, it can be a disadvantage if they do not know the difference between presuming and preparing. There’s a fine difference between preparing for something and shooting when it is still too soon to tell.

A Glance at the B2B and B2C Marketing Collateral

The first step in effective marketing is to understand the B2B and B2C differences. Following the proven B2B marketing methods and incorporating the findings of market research in them could be the best way to create highly effective marketing collateral.

Marketing Tips For Your Farmers Market Display

You’ve nurtured your tomatoes from seed, they survived that crazy wet spring and even several hornworms… but finally they are ready for market along with other treasures from your fields. It can be really hard to find some time or energy to think about your farmers market display. It’s essential to have great product and great service – but it’s also important to give some attention to your marketing presence.

The Role Of Accurate Business Data In Getting Your Enterprise Ahead Of The Competition

Have you ever asked yourself why some businesses just seem to surge ahead of all the others? There are really enterprises that can take advantage of all the right opportunities. Some of them are even fairly new compared to others.

The Value Of SMS Text Marketing

Whether you run a for-profit business looking to increase sales, or represent an organization that simply wants to be able to reach your members quickly and affordably, text marketing is the perfect solution. That’s because text marketing can be as much a money-saver as it is a money-maker.

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