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Most Effective SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Today, the internet has become a very dynamic marketing tool and with proper SEO; even the smallest businesses can be accelerated with opportunities. Internet opens you to a larger world and SEO, in form of the best marketing strategy, guides you through it.

Building A List – How To Explode Your Business Day 1

Building a list, it all starts here. If you are attempting to start or run a home based business, learning the skill of building a list, a properly constructed list is essential for the growth and sustainability of your business. This is a free training for all my networking friends on Social Media. Welcome to Day 1.

How to Market Your Services and Maintain a Consistent Income

With the myriad of options available to market your small business, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed in trying to figure out where you should focus your attention. Let me help you simplify the process.

Three Ways to Deal With Money Objections From Prospects

This happens to every business owner at some point. Prospects tell you they can’t afford the service, or they’ll wait for the next program, or they can’t spend the money right now.

Harness The Power Of Video Marketing

I wanted to talk to you today about the power of video marketing. If you are interested in making money and being a successful online marketer, you must incorporate video marketing into your overall strategy. Especially if you sell a physical product, you can make a video demonstrating its features and options, and also use that video as a manual to help people understand it better and learn how to use it.

The Middle Market (Midmarket) and Social Media Marketing

Middle Market (Midmarket) companies just can’t seem to get enough information about Social Media Marketing. Each day, we conduct a very unscientific analysis of open rates for articles appearing in our “Midmarket Daily” newsletter and find that our Social Media Marketing articles tend to have the highest click-throughs of all the business features we share. Why might this be?

The 5 Biggest Copywriting Mistakes (And How to Fix ‘Em’)

There are a lot of definitions about what copywriting is and isn’t Salesmanship in print. Writing to sell. Salesmanship multiplied. Or my personal favorite, persuasion writing.

Topics for Your Next Press Release: Community Involvement

Companies that are active in their local community by lending money, time and resources are often covered in their local papers. Non-profits never have problems getting news coverage. Many companies like to align with one or two charities and rallying their folks around supporting those causes.

Seth Godin’s Top 3 Lessons to Become a Better Marketer

Looking for creative ways to improve your marketing skills? Check out top three best takeaways from Seth Godin to become a better marketer.

5 Community Engagement Strategies for Small Businesses

You don’t have to invest in a costly marketing program to reach new customers. Instead, employing effective community engagement strategies can raise your business profile for a reasonable investment of your resources, if you employ one or more of the following options.

Who Is Your Perfect Customer? You?

This guy had perfectly described himself as his perfect customer. The problem was, to put it in his words, “I wouldn’t buy my work, I just think it is cool.” So his perfect customer won’t buy his product! Do you see a problem here? Funny isn’t it.

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