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Producing a Video Production Project: Client and Director – The Two Amigos

When producing a video production project it’s vitally important that the client and director are on the same page throughout the project life cycle. In addition there must be a tremendous amount of trust in order for the director to be empowered to create an effective, engaging end product. This article explores the key factors at play when producing a TV commercial, marketing or other advertising video project.

3 Power Productivity Tips To Achieve More In Less Time

“My life is one long obstacle course with me being the chief obstacle.” -Jack Parr. Practically every entrepreneur I know and work with gets presented with a lot of opportunity.

Why Blog Part 2 and SEO

SEO-Search Engine Optimization. Yes, I know what this is. It comes up during any website project I have worked on. SEO is good for blogs. I know it seems like common sense but I never thought about that.

Getting Started In Professional Photography: The Business/Marketing “Low Down”

Marketing Tips For Photographers: Learn new tricks, tips, and tools designed specifically for photographers looking to increase their bookings and the numbers in their bank account. These marketing principals are tried and true; recognized by professionals across the world.

Understanding Your Marketing Strategy

Strategy is for chess players and big-time CEOs, right? Wrong. A strong marketing strategy is as important to the success of your salon or spa as the quality of your service. Perhaps more so. Without an effective marketing strategy in place, chances are you swing from promotion to promotion without seeing a consistent return on investment, and marketing seems like an expensive and confusing waste of time.

Is Mobile Apps Marketing a Great Mobile Marketing Business Opportunity?

About 70% of today’s population around the globe owns a mobile device. Smartphones make up 45% of the total sales of new mobile units. At this rate, it is projected that internet usage through a desktop will be surpassed by internet usage through mobile by the year 2014. This shows that now is the time for any mobile app marketing to be launched. There is no longer any doubt about mobile marketing’s importance in providing any type or size of business, including working at home online, a channel for direct sales.

Offset Vs Digital Printing: How Being an Informed Print Buyer Can Save Your Company Cash

Being an educated print buyer can save your company big bucks in the advertising department. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, businesses have even more options to cost-effectively market their business with high-quality, full color print collateral. The real dilemma is finding the right print shop or press to fit your specific needs, order frequency and deadline requirements.

Getting Your Exhibition Stand Design Right

When you are exhibiting at a trade show or exhibition and would like your company to have a successful show, you need to ensure your stand gets noticed. This is why the exhibition stand design you choose can make all the difference.

Lead Generation During the Super Bowl? Yes, It’s Possible

How exactly do these companies maximize the power of social media in terms of generating user interest into their products that will ultimately enable them to acquire sales leads? Below are some social media marketing techniques that are widely used by several companies. Read on this article.

Common Functionality of Commercial Label Printing

Commercial labels play a crucial role in attracting more purchasers on the labeled products to boost the sales and bottom line of the supporting company. Commercial label printing requires a high standard on the type of label to be printed on the product to be marketed. There are safety and health implications with commercial label printing; hence, only reputable label printers should be considered to secure the right labels on the products that would promote the brand and enhance the company’s image.

Usefulness of Quality Product Label Printing

The market has more products for sale than ever before. Mankind is ingenious in designing and inventing new products that can be marketed for sale. Hence, with some creative advertising and marketing strategies, the public clamor for such products as soon as they come off the production line.

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