What is Facebook Meta Advantage Suite?

Double Your Business Profits: While Your Competitors Struggle in a Challenging Economy

Double your business cash flow in a year or less – It is not as difficult as you think. A proven, time tested, simple system combined with the discipline to stay on track will supercharge your business results. Discover the 8 most important marketing questions. Learn a proven 8-step implementation system. The best part is that your staff does most of the hard work.

3 Ways Edgar Allan Poe Can Supercharge Your Marketing

To get the most bang from your marketing bucks you need to unleash your creativity and try some new methods and ideas. To help your marketing be more effective and get a higher return on investment, I’d like you to remember Edgar Allan Poe.

New Marketing Ideas For Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Centers

This article gives nursing home and assisted living centers new ideas on how to attract more patients in a competitive and changing market. Most nursing homes and assisted living centers continue to market with ineffective tactics. New strategies are needed to be effective today. This article touches on a few new ideas for nursing home and assisted living center marketing.

What Is Inbound Marketing And How Does It Help Your Business?

Back in the day, marketing strategies revolved around interrupting customers in the course of their lives. These interruptions included cold-calling, direct mail campaigns, print advertisements, TV commercials, billboards and so on. The hope was that, through these intrusive techniques, prospective customers would be sufficiently interested to further explore the messaging of products and services aimed at them.

Two Key Ingredients for Effective Marketing At Your Child Care

I teach eight key ingredients that should be included in every marketing piece for your child care center, daycare, or preschool. There are, however, two essential elements out of those eight that you can really concentrate on to make your marketing more effective. The first is social proof, such as parent testimonials, and the second is a focus on the unique benefits of your center.

The Simplest Way to Be the First Person Others Think of When Someone Needs a Referral

When you need a solution to your problem, first you think of who you know. If you don’t know anyone who does that, you will reach out to your network for a referral. It’s not just who you know, it’s who they know. A yearly mailing is not enough. You need to keep in touch with your prospects and advocates many times a year so they will think of you when they need your services.

How to Focus on Your Budding Niche, But Still Appeal to a Broad Range of Clients

Have you noticed a budding niche in your practice? This can be very exciting to help you find clients more easily. But, it can also cause a concern for business people who are unsure how to handle this transition in their practice or don’t feel ready to commit yet to a particular niche.

How Technology Is Forcing Us to Rethink Marketing Strategies

We live in a world where technology has not only changed the way we do business, but it has also changed the way we think about it. Companies launch new products or services, only to be duplicated or improved on by competitors almost immediately. While this technology arms race does impact the way we do business, technology is also causing a massive shift in the way we devise marketing strategies.

The 4 Commandments of the New Marketing Age

The power of the Internet has changed every aspect of the world we live in. As I am writing these lines, 3 billion people are communicating online, making political, social, professional, economical and emotional decisions.

The Key to Maximum Profitability

If you want to make more money, reach out to your existing customers first. They’ll always be more willing to purchase from you than first-time customers.

Product Managers Need To Know How To Find Customers In A Dark Room

Just exactly how much do you know about your customers? Sure, we all do some segmentation, but do you really know where your customers are in terms of thinking about buying your product? Are they at the beginning? Are they almost ready to make up their minds? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew where they stood and could take action to help them select your product?

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