What is Google Tag Manager?

Webinar Formats You Can Use In Your Business

Webinars have many uses: building a brand, generating sales, attracting prospects, training groups of people, holding press conferences, corporate announcements and focus groups. The main benefit of a webinar is the interactive element which is the ability to discuss, give and receive information.

What Functions of Market Research Companies Are Vital for Business Success?

Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing data from and for the targeted markets of different business niches and at different stages of business implementation. In other words, it is a continuous process which is useful at the planning stage.

Writing for Top Executives: Communicating at C-Level

Many people believe that communication with CEOs, COOs, and the other denizens of the so-called “C-level suite” requires an entirely different approach, but it’s not so. This article explains why the same techniques that work with “ordinary” readers are ideal for the C-level.

What Banks Can Teach Product Managers About Targeted Marketing

It turns out that about 25% of the U.S. population is either unbanked or underbanked – they don’t have a checking account. Clearly this is a segment of the population that the bank’s product managers want use the product development definition to go after. It’s how they’re doing it that might be interesting for the rest of us…

Lead Generation Challenge: Changing Buying Habits Of Prospects

Buying habits of prospects are an ever changing dynamic in lead generation. But what do prospects of today look for? Read on to learn more about it.

Gondola Displays and Dragons’ Den

We are really excited about the new series of Dragons Den on the BBC, where the good, the bad and the hapless come to pitch to the dragons to invest in their innovative business ideas. One excellent pitch from the last episode involved husband and wife team Collette and Geoff Bell showcasing their product “Shampoo heads”; a new branded range of hair care products specifically designed with children in mind.

Interactive Business Directories: The Future of Business Promotion?

Are business directories the best option for pay for inclusion (PFI) online marketing? Or is there an alternative that is more interactive and appealing to the visitor? This article explores the interactive business directories option, pinpointing their advantages in using them as a marketing tool for your company.

Choosing the Best Workwear Supplier for Your Promotional Needs

Let’s first talk about what workwear apparels are and how they can help businesses stay longer. Basically, promotional workwear is a type of safety workwear that is printed with a business name or logo. It aids in promoting and advertising a brand to gain a wider reach and increase possible target markets. Promotional clothing has been regarded as a very cost-efficient way for businesses to market their brand name and ensure that they stand out from the rest. Oftentimes, they use workwear shirts, jackets, pants, caps, and even footwear for the sole purpose of advertising their company to the public.

Building Customer Loyalty: Using Telemarketing To Solve Problems

Customer problems will always be part of your business, so you might as well accept it as it is. Now, how can telemarketing help in this?

5 Reasons to Adopt a Business Blog to Market Your Small Business

In some cases, the business blog has been sacrificed in favor of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The business blog offers a lot of advantages, especially for the small and medium-sized business. Here’s 5 reasons your business should include a blog in its online marketing plan.

Easy Content Planning for Social Media, Blogs, and Online Marketing

Overwhelmed by the prospect of coming up with fresh ideas for your social media accounts, blogs, and other online marketing efforts? Stifled by the thought of creating a formal editorial calendar? Here’s an easy way to get inspired, stay on track, and cover your core areas of expertise.

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