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Use Your Existing Marketing Collateral to Plan Your Website

As you get ready to plan to create your new website or redesign an existing one, a good place to start is by reviewing the existing marketing collateral your business already uses. This is just one of a series of checkpoints which will guide you to a practical and profitable marketing message for your website.

Attributes of LCD Video Walls for Control Room Applications

LCD video walls are made up of a matrix of displays that perform as a single palette driven by an integrated video processor. LCD video walls are used for applications such as security and network monitoring, and relaying live footage of emergency or military operations. These professionally designed video walls should be sourced from an experienced firm that can offer simplified solutions for complex requirements.

Gift Show Pop Up Trade Show Display

Want to invest in a fancy trade show display? Then, plan to design the pop up display booth carefully for beauty and ease of use. Availing of the opportunity to display and showcase the works of an artist is literally something amazing in that artist’s career! This is why making a careful plan to create an impressive pop up display booth is very crucial to attract attention and make money in a trade fair.

What Product Managers Can Learn From A Handgun

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been working with clients who are trying to enter new markets by copying products that are already being sold. If you want to be a “me-too” product manager, you can do this. However, if you really understand the way that product development definition should be done and want to be a breakthrough product manager who rules your market, then maybe you should take a lesson from the handgun manufacturer Glock…

Profitable Dental Practice – How to Turn the Inevitable Complaints Into Loyal Patients and Profits

Do you know how to turn patient complaints into loyal patients and profits? The strategies are inside this article.

Profitable Dental Marketing – Patient Reviews Can Be Money In The Bank When You Treat Them Like Gold

Have you discovered the power of patient reviews for marketing your dental practice? Read on, the strategies are inside this article.

Profitable Dental Marketing – The Top 5 Confusing Mistakes Dentists Make Building Their Brand

Do you know how to avoid the 5 most confusing mistakes dentists make when building and marketing your brand? The ideas and strategies are inside this article.

The Essence of Marketing: Storytelling

In today’s competitive market place, customers have a wide variety of choices provided by vendors of different origins. Every vendor will try their very best to market their products or services to their customers by claiming what they are providing are among the cream of the crop. Customers will be sick and tired of hearing cheesy opening lines such as, “I lost 15 kg weight within a week”. The main difference between a successful marketer and a mediocre marketer lies in his or her ability in connecting with his or her customers.

Mobile App Marketing Is Gaining Ground Versus Text Marketing

Text marketing, also recognized as SMS marketing, achieved its peak popularity and recognition as Europe and Asia entered the 21st century. This cataclysm in the marketing world was brought about by the fact that organizations and enterprises began to accumulate mobile phone numbers and disseminate desired or undesired media. Typically, text messages are viewed or written through a 4-minute frame, making them immensely convertible and fiscally promising.

What Is Cross-Channel Marketing?

No matter how good or unique the product or service that you’re offering the public is, you have to be sure that you market it properly. After all, if no one knows about what you are offering, then how can you expect anyone to want to buy it? Additionally, if you’re going to market in the modern day then you need to participate in what’s called cross-channel marketing for optimum success on your campaign.

Field Marketing Is Much More Than Social Networking

This article is about how many businesses are focusing solely on social networking instead of developing a more well-rounded marketing campaign. The focus on social media has meant that many businesses neglect traditional marketing techniques entirely, often to the detriment of a company’s success and overall profitability.

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