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Interact With Your Prospects and Customers in These 8 Effective Strategies

Ran out of ideas on how to interact more effectively with your clients and customers? Here are more great ideas.

Press Releases For Your Book – Avoiding Common Book Press Release Mistakes

What is a Press Release? A press release is a document sent to a newspaper’s editorial team that you want to get published.

The 3 Rules of Content Marketing

Most businesses today understand the importance of content marketing when it comes to improving their visibility online. But few understand the three essential elements required if people are to find their content.

The Unconventional Ways of Retail Marketing – The Alternate Marketing Strategy

Television, Radio and Newspapers have always been the preferred mode of marketing a product to attract consumers, but the rising competition worldwide has opened windows to a whole new method of retail marketing and spreading the word about a product. Welcome to a world of retail marketing which is quite new, unconventional and gets the job done in an exciting and smashing way… Let’s find out what these methods are and how they generate the required buzz for companies.

Pizzeria Marketing: A New Goliath, A New Reality

At the recent Pizza Expo I ran into what looked like a very important delegation scouring the aisles of the trade show. You know the kind I mean, all wearing pinstripe suits looking distinguished and purposeful. Leading them was an easily identifiable top executive marching in front of his pack.

5 Strategies to Grow Your Small Business Now

Whether you are new to small business ownership or a veteran, attracting the right clients is imperative. Here’s a list of five critical strategies that every small business must have to effectively grow.

Restaurant Marketing – 3 Tips To Keep Your Restaurant Packed And Sell More Food

Are you a restaurant owner looking to bring more customers into your restaurant without spending a lot of money on advertising? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. The strategies are inside this article.

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing In 2012

Social media is a way of getting massive exposure to your website. This article gives some great tips on super charging your social media efforts.

Don’t Sell The Steak – Sell The Sizzle

Focused on real estate, but the ideas within can be used in all businesses. Remember what you’re really selling; how to engage your audience.

Hair Salon Marketing – 3 Ideas To Get More Clients In Your Salon

Are you a hair stylist or salon owner looking to grow the number of clients you service? Learn useful strategies that will help to immediately grown your business. The strategies are inside this article.

Marketing Your Business – 3 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Started

When you hear the word marketing do you get scared? Are you confused about what do to and where to start? The answers are inside this article.

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