Why Posting Youtube Shorts Is A Huge Opportunity

Backlinks: The Good, The Bad, and the Only Sometimes Useful

Theoretically, backlinks show the webpages to which they link back to as being relevant and credible by the very fact that they’re worth linking to. In practice, however, this was very easy to exploit, and now backlinks have fallen from being the crucial deciding factor in determining a page’s ranking on search engines to a minor player among other predominant factors.

Is Internet Marketing Taking Over Network Marketing?

Seems like more and more Network Marketers are putting away their whiteboards and picking up their laptops.. Is this the new era that we’ve been talking about? Is internet marketing taking over the turf?

The Changing Marketing Department

The traditional marketing department focused on brand management, advertising and communications, event management (tradeshows, lead generation etc.) coupled with Product Management with ownership of the product across all sales channels. If your marketing department still sits with these roles you are likely part of the old school and you are likely going to be replaced by a new roles and responsibilities you may also not be very comfortable with.

How to Price Your Photography

Do you struggle to price your photography? Do you feel caught between not charging enough to earn a decent living and being scared that your prices are too high in the current climate? This article will help you understand the psychology of pricing better and learn a technique for pricing your photography today and for ever more. Never again will you wonder what to charge.

A Guide To Promotional Merchandise Used For Marketing Strategies

Know about promotional merchandise for a business’ marketing strategy.At present it is of the utmost importance to think of new and innovative marketing strategies.

The 3 Major Ways of Marketing

The attitude business owners have towards marketing is quite surprising. When listening to most of these business owners and their views on marketing, most of them say spending a lot of money. They often look at the money that would be spent but not the returns the money will bring to their businesses.

Prospecting Strategies to Get More Customers Online

Building a successful business depends on attracting a constant stream of new prospects. It takes time to build trust and rapport. You can reach millions of people online. But you need to implement a strategy to generate leads. Learn how to start generating leads online so you can build your customer base.

Branding Oneself in the Online Internet Market

Branding your business service online is one of the smartest moves any business can make especially in the earlier stages of the business, branding your business will help you get proper recognition from your targeted audience, the people that will be interacting with your business and also from the massive general public. Branding will greatly improve your chances of success and will eventually maximize your results overtime, a successful brand sells itself. There are a couple of things crucial to branding yourself online and some of them are.

Your Elevator Speech May Not Be Working Because Of One Or More Of These 5 Big Reasons!

A great elevator speech is, without a doubt, the bread and butter of any great networker. Unfortunately most people don’t even have one that’s repeatable, much less a good one… and this is a costly mistake in more ways than one. Actually, this short thirty-sixty second speech is the most powerful tool you have to deliver you message to another person or group of people. Avoiding the 5 mistakes listed below will help insure that you get the most mileage from your elevator speech.

Marketing Ideas for Clinics

In today’s business savvy world, getting an edge over the competitors is more crucial than ever. This stands true even for clinics and medical facilities. Retaining existing clients and generating new ones is something every physician, healthcare professional and medical practitioner is vouching for.

How to Grow Your Business by Bumping Up Your Sphere of Influence

In last week’s blog, I wrote about important prospect-to-client conversion tips. In it, I outlined what happens when you make the mistake of asking someone to do business with you before you’ve developed a relationship with them. Getting the “yes” answer to your proposal often requires more than just one touch point before someone decides to do business with you.

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