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Responsive Web Design a Must for Today’s on the Move Customer

Today, the majority of websites receive 25 to 50 percent of traffic from mobile visitors. This number will continue to increase making it even more imperative for companies to innovate with a responsive website design that adapts easily to the different browser sizes and technology of today’s mobile devices.

What Can a Market Research Company Do For You?

Anyone that has a business and that is trying to sell a product may have a very difficult time trying to determine why their product is not doing as well as the competitors. If you are interested in qualitative research then you may want to consider looking at a market researching company.

SEO For Business Is Critical

Why do people need SEO? For starters, search engine optimization is critical for any type of online business looking to achieve recognition worldwide.

Making Content Marketing Work: 5 Ways to Get Marketing and Sales to Play Nice

Marketing and Sales departments don’t always get along when it comes to content marketing. Here’s a few tips about how they can get along and become more productive.

Small Business Marketing – Write It “Right” and Build Your Business

Small business marketing can be done in many ways, in many mediums. But all marketing is based upon one common denominator: the communication of a message.

Marketing SEO Checklist

Being a marketing (and perhaps business) all-rounder, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is just one of the bullet points of things that “need doing” from a marketing perspective. It is, however, an area which I find difficult to “keep up with.” Technology is challenging. Well, I think so anyway. If you are also thinking or trying to get more SEO organised here is what we have done so far in our world.

Steps to Resolve Your Inner Conflict About Money

Do you feel there is something in the way of earning a living from using your talents? Some of my clients struggle with making money based on doing what they call “God’s work”. There is this conflicting feeling among many people doing spiritual and healing work that they shouldn’t make money this way or that they should give this work away.

Platitudes: Advertising Mistakes in a Small Business

Platitude Definition: ‘words or phrases that are drearily commonplace and predictable that lack power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition’. Small business marketing need to know how to advertise their business and avoid marketing mistakes. It’s time to stand out from the crowd and provide your true value to the marketplace.

Vine Decoded

Learn how to use the new social media tool, Vine. Six second videos that make a big impact.

How Product Managers Can Help Their Customers Weigh Their Options

Have you ever had to make a decision between two products that you were considering buying? How did you go about doing this? If you are like most of us, you collected what data you could on both products and then you weighed the data in order to try to see which product would best meet your needs.

Colors Are Key to the Success of Your Optical Frames Displays

Color-customizing your optical frames displays will bring a key advantage to your business. Research has shown that color association is very useful when creating your marketing strategy.

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