Why TikTok Became So Popular

2D Barcodes and Mobile Scanning

There are several different ways in which you can gain immediate access to information on your mobile device. You can download an app, visit a mobile website, receive an SMS message OR you can simply scan a barcode. As long as your mobile device is equipped with the right application you can scan a 2D barcode in the same time it takes to take a picture.

Proximity Marketing: Are Bluetooth and Infrared Dead?

The evolution of mobile devices along with a growing acknowledgment by consumers and businesses of the importance of mobile marketing, is now opening up great new opportunities for the growth of mobile marketing via proximity systems. Proximity marketing allows consumers the ability to access relevant content on their mobile devices when they need it the most. It gives today’s technologically-inclined consumer the opportunity to engage with your brand, communicate with your product and make purchases all while on the go.

Exhibition Organisers Asked Me To Rudely Move My Stand

Here is my personal experience when the company I work for participated in a exhibition and had to deal with the event organisers who rather rudely asked me to move our very expensive exhibition stand by just a few feet. But all was not lost as support was on hand.

Advertising’s First “Whisper Campaign” Created the Modern Antiperspirant Deodorant Industry

Early in the 20th century a young woman in Cincinnati, a surgeon’s daughter named Edna Murphey tried to sell an antiperspirant product that her father had developed to keep his hands dry while performing surgery. She labeled the deodorant Odorono. Though determined, Ms. Murphey was not very competent or successful at marketing.

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business! Get It Now

The term “Video Marketing” comes with two perspectives: first, making a video specifically for marketing purposes, and the second marketing an already existing video. Chances are technology has undergone several changes since the production of an existing video, but it is possible to make a few tweaks to an old “classic” in order to more successfully market it. But that’s not on the agenda for today’s post.

Mobile Multi-Screen Marketing

Consumers are using multiple devices to access the same content. In fact, most of consumers’ media time today is spent in front of a screen; from computer to smartphone to tablet to television. Sometimes they will access a particular type of content only from a mobile device like the news or their email. Other times they might shift from screen to screen as the need arises. Seeing an ad on television might cause them to simultaneously search for the product on a tablet for more information.

Instagram’s Policy Change and Mobile Marketing

Instagram turned social media and the entire mobile internet on its head when on Monday it announced a new privacy policy and terms of service which hinted that it might possibly use your shared photos in their ads. Instagram quickly came under massive criticism on Twitter and other sites which prompted the co-founder of the popular mobile photo-sharing site, Kevin Systrom to take to Instagram’s tumblr blog on Wednesday morning to clarify that it has no plans to put users’ photos in their ads. How true this is we may never know.

Mobile Commerce: Money in Your Pocket

Money and mobile phones have become integral parts of everyday life and pretty soon you may only need to carry one around with you. Electronic money right in your pocket. No longer will you have to worry about having cash or credit cards on you as you go about your daily activities. With the developments of Mobile Commerce, now all you need is your smartphone.

Mobile Viewing: The Flash Dilemma

With Adobe finally pulling Flash out of the mobile race, the question of viewing on mobile devices becomes even more pertinent. How are developers and users adjusting to this recent information? Was this a long time coming?

Impact and Regulations of Television Advertising In Australia

In layman’s terms, commercial advertisement on television is known as television programming that has been paid for and produced by an organization; it is used mainly to market a service or product. It is this advertising revenue that the private TV station gets from private companies which provides the bulk of their funds.

The Best Twitter Marketing Software of 2012

A roundup of the best must-try software for twitter management and automation of 2012. Intended for online marketing agencies, social media marketers, bloggers, and anyone with a Twitter account.

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