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Two Coaching Styles: Advise and Consult or Ask Clients to Discover Their Own Answers

As a business coach over the past 13 years, here’s what I have discovered: Everyone is silently begging to be led. Now there are two schools of coaching if you will: 1) The first says you cannot and should not advise. You must pull answers only from what the client says. 2) The second is more like consulting and I believe in this type because that’s what I pay for.

Dental Marketing: Understanding Your Product As a Member of the Dental Team

As members of the dental team we should be aware of what our product is, why we are providing it, and to whom? This article is a simple tea time read to help with your dental practice marketing.

4 Step Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Corporate Gift

Having trouble choosing a corporate gift for your business? In this article I lay out 4 steps to getting the perfect corporate gift for your customer!

SEO Tactics for Your Company

These days the best companies have very powerful SEO strategies. It is still good to use word of mouth promotional strategies, but words are now global and shared all over the web. It is not necessary for all company owners to understand everything there is to know about SEO. However, they should have someone on staff or hire a SEO professional who understands the whole process and knows how to aggressively use profitable SEO strategies.

How To Increase Profit Through Effective Marketing

It is not enough just to produce some goods and services and hope that they sell, because this is an expensive way of doing business and results in low profits. It is better to use effective marketing to find out what potential customers really want and then focus your efforts on pre-qualified leads ensure that you turn a lot of your prospects into customers. Higher profits start with excellent marketing.

Marketing, the Good and the Bad

The good and bad of internet marketing, more specifically social media marketing. Below will be examples of both good and bad and how you can apply this to your business.

Filming Your Corporate Video in a Sound Proof Studio: What You Need to Know

When weighing your options between filming on location or in a sound-proof studio it does always sound easier to film in a studio than on location. But you still need to follow some basic rules to be sure your sound is recorded correctly.

What Type Of People Should Product Managers Hire For Their Team?

There have not been too many times during my product manager career that I’ve been presented with the opportunity to hire someone to join my product management team. However, the few times that this has happened, whom I chose turned out to be a really, really important decision when it came to the eventual success of my product. Would you know how to hire the right person to join your product team if you were asked to do so?

How to Write an Effective Headline

It’s important to answer the following questions before you start to write your headline: 1. Who is your target customer? 2. What are the important benefits of your product or service?

The Importance of Call Scripts

As soon as your employee answers the phone your customer’s experience with your business has begun. Setting the tone with a helpful, professional call can mean the difference in gaining a lifelong customer or sending them running to the competition. A powerful customer service call script that trained employees follow can increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

Marketing Sustainability

Many businesses attempt to navigate today’s economic landscape using the same old marketing gimmicks. It just won’t work. Today’s organizations need to understand marketing sustainability and how to utilize it.

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