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How Do I Make A Dollar in Today’s Market?

It seems like it was a lot easier to make a living in my parents day. If you are thinking like this you would be correct. The challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs have never been seen before thanks to the wonderful world of technology. Be careful what you wish for.

Mobile Marketing Trends: Good Business Strategy or Just a Fad?

You have probably heard a lot about mobile marketing lately, but do you really need to pay attention to all the talk or is it just a fad? Find out here…

The Difference Between Being Responsible TO and Responsible FOR Your Clients

When you are a coach, you want to see your clients succeed. Their success is your reason for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and support.

Calendar Printing Guarantees Visibility, Credibility, Thus Profitability

Calendars are an essential marketing tool for any business or organization. Companies that use calendar printing as a means for procuring new customers have resounding results. This brief article explains exactly why printing promotional calendars for your business or organization should be an integral part of your marketing campaign.

How Banners Slash Your Marketing Costs

Reducing your costs is not an easy task. Marketing is essential in making your business a success, but we all know how expensive it can be. Do you need a way to deliver your message effectively to your target audience without spending too much? If you do, then banners could be just what you are looking for.

New Patient Unique Selling Proposition

I want to help you plug the marketing holes in your office. If you do this from the very beginning so that when your new patient flow increases you will also see an increase in your referrals, your patient spending and your patient retention. Now as we go forward… one thing that you will always have to keep in mind is that you and your staff and your office must be different than every other office out there. If you aren’t… you are a commodity… and commodities are easily traded for another. Just look at the stock market, commodities are traded every day, all day long. Let me explain that a little bit further. You have to answer a question for each and every one of your patients. This is a question that they won’t come out and ask you… but it’s a question that is running through their mind. And that question is:

The Most Important Element of Any Presentation You Give

Whenever you are making a presentation to a group, your top priority is to determine what you want the attendees to do. I call this the “Most Wanted Response” or the “Most Wanted Action”. Either way, you’ve got to know what you want people to do before you start planning what you’ll say.

How to Deal With Criticism

Whether you like it or not, one thing that happens once you start multiplying your business is that you become a target for criticism. I’m not talking about criticism from your family or friends, because you may get that too, but I’m referring to criticism in your industry.

Customer Related Marketing

There are different kinds of marketing that can be executed to benefit your company. But, all have and keep the customer in mind above anything else. So why not base your marketing strategy solely off of your customers? Figure out what they want and need by incorporating their behaviors marked at specific instances. Basing your marketing strategy off of the customer’s behaviors involves discussing their needs at planned points within the process. This strategy isn’t necessarily a typical run through, but rather goes off of what the customer wants and when they want to discuss it. The customer decides when to meet and what will be discussed. This strategy makes everything smoother and allows your company to really build a relationship with the customer.

Pest Control Marketing – How To Create Signs That SELL!

The # 1 most effective pest control marketing tool is signage. If done correctly and placed in the right place, a good sign can create a stream of new pest control customers showing up at your door.

Taglines: Please Don’t Kill the Messenger

Business owners are always trying to find a “killer” tagline. Instead, they usually find a way to kill what should have been their most effective marketing message: the tagline itself.

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