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Pest Control Marketing – What Are YOU Famous For?

Pest control marketing is most effective when you focus on one thing that you do better than anyone else. What is the one thing you can give your customers that your competitors can’t? Figure out what it is and become famous for it.

How Can A Business Lunch Help Your Lead Generation Campaign?

During your lead generation campaign, there will be a time when you will encounter the occasional business lunch. How will you be able to handle your work during this time? Continue reading.Β 

Keeping The Bailiffs At Bay

In a challenging retail environment, it’s crucial that specialist high street retailers adapt to the challenges presented by supermarkets and the rise of internet shopping. But what do retailers need to do to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of customers in the contemporary marketplace? This article outlines the challenges and provides some guidance.

If You Can’t Afford “Real” Marketing, Success Will Be Elusive

It’s no secret. We live mostly in a do-it-yourself world. Based on our individual experiences and our educations, each of us is able to do a surprising number of things well. Not always equally well, but often well enough to get by. Decorating a room, tuning up a car, adding a deck to the house, learning to sew or cook or even paint landscapes. You name it, we’ll try it. We humans are an amazingly talented group – and in some ways amazingly naive. Marketing a new business is one of those ways.

Business Success – The Three P’s

In the current economic climate Business 2 Business and Business 2 Consumer organisations need to think about their key strategies and messages. The Triple P Model suggests opens up a debate about the focus for marketing and sales teams.

Marketing: Cost VS Value

We all default at looking at things from a cost perspective. Regardless of what we are buying cost is always an overriding issue for most of us, think about it when was the last time the cost of something didn’t enter your mind as a major initial consideration.

Will The New LinkedIn Updates Make Connecting Easier?

LinkedIn added a whole bunch of new features to their company pages. There are upgrades for page branding and other features that should promote smoother networking. What are these updates and how will they benefit the business owner?

Brilliant Branding: The Essential Elements Your Brochure Design and Packaging Should Have

Appearance is everything. How your business looks to the world can spell the difference between market dominance and marketing disaster. Consider if you will, the Svengali-like dominance of Apple products over other digital gadgets.

Marketing Now

What is marketing? Marketing is exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of customers. Marketing is a very deep subject.

Mobile Marketing Advice That You Can Trust!

You know how much you or people you know love to play games on their mobile device. Whether waiting at the doctors office, riding on a bus, or wasting time at the end of the day, mobile gaming is pretty popular. Now imagine being able to spread your message to these select targets through mobile marketing.

Why Health Care Practices Should Consider Outsourcing Their Newsletter Marketing Programs

In an ideal world, health care practices would have the time, expertise and resources to create their own newsletter marketing programs. Unfortunately, the reality is quite often the opposite.

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