You Don’t Need To Be An Expert

Healthcare Practice Marketing Can Save Your Practice Today

It is unfortunate that up to 25% of clients fail to return to see their healthcare practitioner. If you are facing the problem of lack of clients, perhaps you need to learn better healthcare practice marketing. At least by getting better healthcare management education, it will help you run your practice more efficiently.

Tips for Balancing Your Work With Your Play in Life

The thing a lot of people think these days is they think they have to work hard to become successful in business and in life. The fact is that you don’t necessarily need to work long hours and long weeks to make the big bucks and have a successful career. Let’s face it, if you do that you never get to see your family and friends.

Why Do You Need a Customer Retention Strategy?

If you are like most business owners, you probably have a customer acquisition strategy, but not a customer retention strategy? Learn here why it is crucial for you to have one.

Why Hiring Professional Photographer Is Always a Good Idea If You Want Quality Images

Photographs are often overlooked before a marketing campaign. After all, it is the Idea that is important isn’t it? But if the images you use are poor quality, what does it say abut your company or product?

Reasons Why Online Marketers Fail

Avoid making the same mistakes as so many online marketers. Where they fail, you will succeed. This article will give you four reasons why people don’t make it in the online business world and why so many have a hard to succeeding.

Are Promotional Products Still Relevant in This Age of Digital Marketing?

In this age of digital marketing, do promotional products and business giveaways still play a part? We will examine the relevance of promotional clothing and gifts in today’s workplace.

Startup Marketing Research – It’s More Than Doing Online Searches for Competition

Indeed, it is interesting how many startup entrepreneurs I get to talk to. You see, I am retired entrepreneur, and founder of a franchising company. Folks in my industry sector often contact me to ask questions, to get ideas when preparing perhaps a business plan, or deciding whether or not it makes sense to go into that line of work and start a company in that particular region, industry, or considering the economics of the period.

How to Get Control of Your Internet Marketing

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Too often, marketers have no plan at all for their Internet marketing activities, and because of this, they get little or no results from any effort that they make. In fad, they spend most of their time trying to figure out what to do instead of a-eating a plan and working the plan.

How Pinterest Can Complement Your Marketing Strategy

Pinterest has an important role to play in social media marketing. The site lends itself perfectly to remind online audiences of your presence and helps you to source interesting information to share on multiple social media platforms. The strategies outlined here will show you how Pinterest can be made into a successful addition to your social media marketing plan.

Important Things to Do During Your SEO Campaign

This in-depth article takes a look at the SEO campaign process step-by-step. It provides useful tips and information about the various elements of SEO in the order by which they should be executed. It also provides important information on the common mistakes and SEO tactics which should be avoided along the way.

Marketing, The Forgotten Piece

I am surprised by the way the majority of businesses I come into contact with approach their marketing strategy. I was sitting with a business owner last week who wanted to discuss their latest marketing ideas with me so that I could help them develop a brand new marketing plan. I started by asking them the question I always ask first when dealing with marketing plans, “So where are you going to start?

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