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Political Signs: Dos or Don’ts?

Political signage comes in many shapes, sizes and materials, from magnetics to your standard lawn signs. But do they actually work? By “working,” this means convincing people to vote for the candidate being represented. The answer is yes and no. Political signs work by optimizing name recognition, which is the bread and butter of campaigning. David Mayhew, a political scientist, says, “To be perceived at all is to be perceived favorably.” One of the most popular types of political signage is lawn signs, and a Vanderbilt University study indicates these signs work. One Vanderbilt study was simple: Put up four big signs for fictional Benn Griffin, school board candidate, near a middle school. Just three days afterward, a poll showed parents who drove by these signs were 10 percent likelier to vote for Griffin.

4 Practices of an Amazing Speaker!

Public speaking is professed to be the #1 fear in life. As an entrepreneur, I find this practice to be the #1 way to grow business. I also happen to have a different definition of ‘fear’ than most people – my definition is that fear is simply the lack of information.

5 Essential Goals For Trade Show Exhibitors

Nearly every industry and/ or trade puts on trade shows or expositions, where at least one component is exhibitors promoting themselves and their products or services. In recent years, between the proliferation of mergers, as well as the escalating costs involved, there are now fewer of these than previously, yet for those that remain and decide to exhibit, it is more important than ever to put their best foot forward, be as effective and productive as possible, and optimize their experience and potential, in order to get the proverbial most bang for their buck. Therefore, exhibitors must prepare and have…

Powerful Reasons To Use Infographics In Your Marketing

Infographics are visual representations of the information that you want people to know. There are many benefits that come with these visual representations. Benefits of Using Infographics – Easy to present data and figures: There is nothing that interests people more than data. The unfortunate thing is that data can be too dry and unpleasant to look at. An infographic makes it easy for you to present the information in a more attractive way which is pleasing to your readers.

Consumer Behavior – How To Target Teenagers?

According to the consulting firm, American teenage consumers aged twelve to seventeen spend more than two hundred billion dollars on products every year. The consumer behavior of this age group has significant influence over household purchasing decisions. Following trends in the way teens make use of media can help small businesses deploy their marketing and advertising efforts in ways that effectively target the right customers with the most effective product messaging.

A Look at the Many Uses of the Custom Postcard

Postcards aren’t considered among the more traditional forms of marketing for many businesses; however, they can make for a great addition to your campaign when used in the correct manner. The important thing to remember when looking to take advantage of custom postcard printing is that the postcard is both fairly novel and must also remain consistent with the brand messages that are conveyed by your other marketing materials. So where can a customized postcard come in handy for your business?

Why Your Headshot May Be Your Best Client Attraction Tool

When you are attracting customers in a digital world, first impressions are important. Many times with a quick glance at your website and photos, people make a judgment about you… and if your headshot is bad, you look bad. You want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur, so the way you present yourself in your picture is everything. After reading this article, I hope I’ve convinced you how important it is to getting a professional photo done and how it doesn’t need to be a painful experience either! I’d love to hear your biggest takeaway at the end!

Detailed Tactics for A Successful Client Engagement

In the Information Age with the dominance of digital communications, there are additional challenges to developing and carrying out a successful client engagement strategy. However, the basics still apply. One must know their clients; businesses must stay in the client’s focus, and always be part of the client’s conversation. Businesses must use branding and messaging to connect with their clients. The businesses’ staff and employees are an important tool for client engagement, and they help build trust and reinforce the organization’s brand. It is particularly true of financial services; the financial advisor is an important part of building successful, lasting Client relationships.

The CD Printing and CD Duplication Business As Experienced By A Consumer

If you’re a newcomer to the CD Printing and Duplication business and you find yourself in need of a reputable and reliable service supplier, then the answers to the many questions you will have will probably feature in the content of this article. The article follows the experiences of an amateur musician who finds himself in need of a large quantity of CDs to promote the music of the band he plays with. He is the “arty” band member who is also good with computers and so he finds himself in the position of having all the responsibility for sourcing the CDs and having to make all the related decisions. It is often said that we learn from our mistakes but learning from someone else’s mistakes means that we don’t have to go through the heartache and stress ourselves. The following account contains considerations during the CD printing and duplication process and how they were addressed.

Niche Markets: Great News! Hardly Anyone Cares About Your Work

Given the sheer volume of content being produced today and the velocity and variety of formats at which it’s being published, there are two, counter-intuitive, things that thought leaders need to realize. People don’t care about your content, and you shouldn’t care about them not caring.

Cinco De Mayo – The Not-So-Mexican Holiday

The article is about what the holiday Cinco de Mayo may really be about–beer and tequila sales. The article asks how many people really know what the day stands for and reminds them it is not Mexican Independence Day.

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