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Benefits of Outsourcing the Visual Merchandising Activity

There is no doubt that visual merchandising help increase sales. But if it is not conducted properly, it can not only have a detrimental effect on the store’s image but also its income as well. If you are not sure of what you are doing, do consider using a professional.

7 Sins of Selecting Stock Photos

Using photos from a stock agency can be a good alternative when done properly. Stock images can help you create an illustration that might have been too costly or time consuming to shoot yourself. Done poorly it can be a turn off and probably cost you business. Too often marketers who use stock images commit one of these seven sins. See if you recognize yourself in any of these examples.

Why Marketing Is Essential For A Small Business

Marketing is an integral process in business, small and large alike. However, marketing in small business is a little bit more extensive because it needs to reach out to various potential clients for it to increase its sales volume.

SMS Marketing for Business Sure Makes Sense

SMS, Short Messaging System marketing is becoming the most affordable way to connect with your customers, with over 95% of messages being read within the first minute of receiving it. SMS is a great way of communicating with your existing clients and also bringing new clients or customers on board. SMS marketing can be used by businesses and store owners to promote such things as sales promotions, discount vouchers, VIP invites and much much more.

The Best Social Media Managing Apps Part 1

As a social media manager who’s always on-the-run, you could be certain to rely on a few important apps to keep you engaged and connected with your community. Here are the best apps that come highly recommended…

Marketing Via Multiple Messaging Systems

As the name suggests, multiple SMS is a process which involves the delivery of large amount of messages to the subscribers of the mobile network connection. It helps you to send multiple messages to potential customers, business partners and employees via internet enabled computer in just a single click. Multiple messaging systems not just enhances your business productivity but helps you to retain your potential customers effectively.

What Product Managers Need To Do To Prepare For Inflation

Guess what – there’s a good chance that we’re getting ready to be hit by a wave of economic inflation. Despite the fact that you never planned for this in your product development definition, is your product going to be ready for it?

Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs – Leadership Is The Key Success in Attraction Marketing

By reading this article, solo entrepreneurs will learn that the key success in building their business is leadership. By applying leadership skills, attraction marketing is going to work, and you will attract people and convert them into customers.

The Importance Of Being Appreciated

Business appreciation events have become big business over the last few years. In fact the old style “Christmas party” is positively outdated compared to some of the events put on by corporations vying to be seen by their employees as caring, and to their customers as considerate.

The Power of Visualization: Helping You “See” Into the Future

Trade shows and industry events are crucial parts of the marketing mix when it comes to building buzz around a company, product or brand. And one of the most common activities related to show planning is visualizing the booth. Unfortunately, most people are very inexperienced in what to look for, and as a consequence are often quite surprised to see how their booth performs in the actual trade show.

Benefits of Publishing a Real Estate Newsletter

Producing a real estate newsletter is an effective way to fortify customer relationships and build a name for your realty or investment business. Newsletters are an excellent venue for delivering information about houses for sale and offering solutions to problems buyers and sellers often encounter.

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