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Tips for Writing an Excellent Company Review

Are you an internet entrepreneur? If you are reading this then there is a great chance that you are a marketer of a product or service. One of the best and most cost effective methods for marketing online is by writing article reviews for MLM companies or network marketing companies.

Fascinating Eco Friendly Promotional Items

The idea behind using eco friendly products is that they conserve energy, minimize carbon footprints and does not pollute the environment. Eco friendly clothing, household cleaning products and gifts are some of the products that seem to have gained momentum.

Quick and Affordable Tips on Marketing a Day Spa or Hair Salon Services

Learn simple and cost-effective marketing ideas to grow your day spa or hair salon business. Tips include how to dovetail off Spa Week and a key request to ask of all small businesses surrounding your spa or salon.

Making Your Corporate Video: 5 Questions Answered

A corporate video is one of the most flexible, cost effective and engaging methods to showcase your company and its assets. It works really well as a corporate promotional material. Through it, you can advertise for your company’s products, services, features or functions to create a lasting brand image.

2 Tips For How CEOs Can Use Social Media To Become Better Leaders

Most CIOs have at best a love / hate relationship with today’s most popular social media tools. They are smart enough to understand the power of social media; however, they also feel that they don’t have enough time to take the risk and dive in to create yet another online version of themselves. Unfortunately, this means that most CIOs are passing up a great opportunity to become better leaders…

How to Use Pinterest For Your Nonprofit

We would never venture to say that men are not philanthropic, but studies (like this one from IUPU) have shown women to be more likely to give to charities. That being said, with Pinterest being majority women, it seems a very good place to promote your nonprofit! So how do we best utilize Pinterest to promote nonprofits? You must first decide if your nonprofit is a good fit for Pinterest by evaluating if your organization can tell a story with images. If the answer is yes (and it typically is), then you can work with Pinterest! Now you just need to understand some Pinterest guidelines.

How Effective Is Your SEO In 2013?

I was talking to a company recently and asked the question ‘How effective is your SEO at providing your company’s website with its potential desired number of visitors? You can imagine my confusion when I was told that their:

Get a Website Ranked Higher by Link Building

Get a website ranked higher by doing what SEO pros are doing. Learn how building links to your website can drive in sales and boost search engine rankings.

7 Steps for Successfully Launching Pet Products in the U.S. Market

1. An existing manufacturer launching new products in an existing market to existing customers. This is the easiest launch as the manufacturer is known in the marketplace, has a reputation, (hopefully a good one) and has relationships with customers. If your products have sold well you are just building on that success and the buyer has a reduced risk in buying your new products.

Brand Your Business in Name and Slogan

Naming your business is a huge responsibility. Once you have a name choosing a slogan that sets you a part from the competition is of equal importance. Making sure your slogan is catchy and will stick in the consumers mind is key to be successful. Make your businesses name and slogan work for your business. Be creative in your marketing and get others marketing for you!

Save Money by Outsourcing Your Marketing Programs

If you’re weighing the benefits of hiring a full time marketing professional over outsourcing your marketing programs, you’re not alone. Companies have been struggling with this decision for years and for various reasons, making choices that are counter intuitive. Whether it’s the perceived loss of control or a lack of clear marketing objectives, companies often choose hiring over outsourcing without investigating the financial implications of their decision. By outsourcing your marketing programs you don’t pay for vacations, coffee breaks or time spent answering personal emails. You’re not hiring an individual, you’re buying a strategy and clearly defined programs, tools and marketing processes.

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